Why Chess ?

Why Chess ?

Why Chess ?
The language of chess is Universal. It is one of the few sports that is all-inclusive.
It transcends language, age, race, religion, politics, gender and socioeconomic background.

More importantly, chess is one of the most powerful educational tools available, to strengthen a child’s mind.

  1. Enhances concentration, patience, and perseverance
  2. Develops creativity, intuition, memory
  3. Builds the ability to analyze, apply logic, and solve problems flexibly

Beyond the academic benefits, chess also teaches positive behavioral attitudes and social attributes.
Chess is an especially effective tool to teach children :
The importance of planning and the consequences of decisions.
To win and lose gracefully.
To make tough and abstract decisions.

It’s fairly easy to learn and play. Most six or seven year olds can follow the basic rules.
Like language or music, an early start can help a child become more proficient.

Only a focused, patient and persistent child will maintain steady results - characteristics that are equally valuable for performing well at school and Life in general.

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