Click here for GDFFL Rules

Click here for GDFFL Rules

Our rulebook comes straight from our sanctioning body, Flag Football World Championship Tour (FFWCT). See [FFWCT]( for more rules information.

Added by Andrew Dailey



League Board of Directors:

Andrew Dailey
Adam Williamson
Joe Young
Ryan Chatterton
John McMullan

Visit FFWCT to read all of the rules for 5 man Contact flag football. Only SOME of the policies and procedures differ at GDFFL. See GDFFL Board members for more specific guidance on local policies and procedures.



  • All teams must register online at Online registration is the only accepted form of registration.
  • Late fees will be added to any team that registers after the cutoff date and before the start of the season. No registrations will be accepted after start date.
  • All players MUST be 18 years of age or older to play in any GDFFL league, tournament, or event.
  • All players MUST sign all applicable waivers to play in any GDFFL league, tournament, or event. Failure to sign waivers will result in exclusion from any GDFFL league, tournament, or event until the waiver is signed.
  • Females are welcomed to play, though this is not a “COED” league, meaning we do not use official COED rules. We do have scoring rules for females, however. Please also note that there will not be exceptions to the rules made for females in regards to contact. All players accept the same risk when playing GDFFL Flag Football as outlined in the GDFFL Waiver and Release of Liability
  • If a team is paying the registration fee in full, the team Captain/Manager is responsible for payment or lack thereof. As a team captain/manager it is your responsibility to procure the money from your team and pay the registration. GDFFL accepts no responsibility for this.
  • If a team is signing up as individuals, each team member must log in to and pay the individual registration fee.
  • Any team that does not pay in full will not be able to play in any GDFFL league, tournament, or event until the full amount is paid.
  • Team rosters are due to the league before the first game of the season, tournament, or event. Failure to deliver rosters before specified date may result in exclusion from play for the whole team. Rosters forms may be downloaded from our website ( and sent to
  • Teams and players will abide by all GDFFL and facility rules/guidelines/regulations, as well as any direction from GDFFL Referees. Failure to do so may result in dismissal from facility and/or GDFFL.
  • Teams are responsible for all referee fees. Even in the event of a forfeit. Teams that do not pay their fees before their next scheduled game will not be allowed to play again until all fees are paid. NOTE: GDFFL is not responsible for forfeit fees. If a team does not show up to play, both teams are still expected to pay referee fees. If neither team pays referee fees, the score will be recorded as a 0-0 tie and both teams will have to pay fees due before their next game or they will not be able to play.


  • The officials have the right to determine behavior that is inappropriate. (EX: trash talking or language that may be considered offensive to the official, opposing team, or spectators). The official may eject players from the game for trash talking, or any behavior that requires intervention to maintain good order. If the official witnesses any act of tackling, elbowing, cheap shots, or any other sportsmanlike act, the game will be stopped and the player will be ejected from the game. Excessive contact – If the official feels it was intentional or with intent to harm, the player will be removed from play and/or ejected from game. This is solely at the referee’s discretion.

The GDFFL takes player’s safety and the sanctity of the game extremely seriously. Unsportsmanlike conduct serves to degrade both player’s safety and the sanctity of the game, and is prohibited. GDFFL has added the reinstatement fee section to deter unsportsmanlike conduct, ensure player safety, and uphold the environment we pledged to keep for the players and teams under our care.

Reinstatement Fines:

  • Any player(s) ejected from a GDFFL event will be subject to a reinstatement fine. An ejection may occur before, during, or after a GDFFL event so long as the offense occurred on the playing field or facility during the hours of event operation. In other words, players and spectators are encouraged to avoid any unsportsmanlike conduct whatsoever while participating, in any way, at a GDFFL event. May it be playing or spectating, all participants are expected to adhere to general guidelines of decency to each other). Ejections may come from Referee’s or from any of the GDFFL Board of Directors. Any player(s) who has been issued a notification of reinstatement fee may not participate in any GDFFL events whatsoever, until the fee is paid in full. Any attempt to participate without having paid the fee will result in forfeit for the player(s) team. Notifications of Reinstatement Fee will be done in person, over the phone, or via any another form of electronic communication (email, Facebook messenger, etc.)

  • Unless otherwise noted, standard fines are as follows:
    1st Offense = $100 fine and 1 game suspension
    2nd Offense = $200 fine and 6 month suspension
    3rd Offense = $500 fine and 1 year suspension
    4th Offense = May result in a lifetime suspension

    A player may be ejected for pushing another player, excessive cursing
    or arguing with officials

  • SEVERE EJECTIONS (examples)
    Punching another player = $200 Fine and 6 Month Suspension
    Threatening a Referee or Director = $500 Fine and 1 Year Suspension
    Threatening Use of a Weapon = $500 Fine and 1 Year Suspension
    Hitting/striking/touching a Referee or Director = Lifetime
    Possession or Use of any Weapon = Lifetime Suspension

  • The amount, issuance, and enforcement of this fine is subject to their discretion of the GDFFL Board of Directors. The Board will review all information surrounding an incident, to include but not limited to, referee testimony, player testimony, witness testimony, video evidence, etc. Once every aspect is considered by the Board, a reinstatement fee will be issued to the Player(s). The Board of Directors will vote on the outcome and a majority decision will rule.
    The purpose of the reinstatement fee is to admonish, and deter any egregious unsportsmanlike contact that may occur within GDFFL leagues, tournaments, and league events.


GDFFL reserves the right to augment, adjust, or change any part of the local policies and procedures at any time. If augmented, adjusted, or changed, the GDFFL Board of Directors will make them known to the players and teams via our social media outlets, and at appropriate venues (captains meetings, prior to games, etc.)

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