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11v11 coed (minimum of 7 players to start). Game will be considered a forfeit if minimum of seven rostered players (including one rostered female) are not ready to play 10 minutes past scheduled start time.
Three females on the field at all times, must play a man down if a female is not on the field


League will follow FIFA rules, except:
Two 40 minute halves with a five minute half time
No slide TACKLES (automatic yellow card and the restart is an indirect free kick from the spot of the infraction)
Off sides will be enforced

League Fees:

Referee Fees per game are $60.00 that shall be paid before the start of the second half.

  • Referee Fees will be docked by $20.00 if they are 10 minutes late to the game.

In the event that all efforts have been made to obtain 2 referees and only one is available or one of the two scheduled referees do not show up, a sole referee may conduct the game and will be compensated at $90 for that game.

Field fee for leasing the soccer field (Amount may vary)
All fees will be shared by all teams. Full payment must be received by the first match of the season. If full payment is not received by the start of third match, the player will not be able to play and may result in a forfeit of matches.
All fees listed above will be paid by a player fee of $50.00 before the season begins and must be paid by each player in the league.
If a player has not paid their fee by the first game, but is listed on the roster, there will be a $50 fine assessed to the team. If it has still not been paid by the start of the second game, another $50 fine will be assessed to the team. At the start of the third game, all players that have not paid their player fee will no longer be allowed to play. If they play in the game, it will be considered an automatic 0-3 forfeit.
*All teams will be responsible for providing their own practice field at their team’s cost.


Match Duration:

11v11 Leagues – Two 40-minute halves, plus a five minute halftime.
Halftimes may be shortened in the interest of time constraints at the discretion of the referee when trying to stay on time for the next match. Games not starting as scheduled because of team delay will still end at the scheduled time (minutes deducted from match) in order for the next game to start as scheduled.

Weather Delays –Matches will be rescheduled for weather if an agreement can be made between the field, the teams, and the referees on a date and time. For extremely heavy torrential downpours, we may delay matches to wait for it to subside. We also will honor lightning delays when lightning is in the area. Players should seek shelter if necessary.

Abandoned Match - If a match in progress is cancelled, the match will be considered a completed match if at least one half of time has been played. If the match is not played or cannot be completed, both teams will receive a WIN and the subsequent three points in the standings.


PLEASE let the governing body know, by 11AM, if your team will have to forfeit. If a team does not show for their game, the result will be a 3-0 loss on the team’s record and a one point deduction in the season standings. The team that shows may still use the field for their game duration. A team will forfeit if they do not have the minimum number of players.
If there are not enough players at the scheduled kick off time, the team has up to 10 minutes to wait for more players to show. If after those 10 minutes a team still cannot be formed, the opponent may decide to earn the forfeit win 3-0, or wait until more players show. As stated in the Game Duration section, the match will end on time. Both team captains and the referee must agree that the match will take place if 10 minutes have passed.

Also, see Number of Players rules in regards to non-rostered players.

Match Rescheduling:

We will attempt to fulfill requests for a match reschedule so long as we receive notice at least one week prior to the scheduled date and the change does not adversely affect other teams in the league. Once the request is received, as long as the other team agrees to the newly proposed date and time, the match can be rescheduled. Should the opposing team not agree to the change, the match will stay at its' originally scheduled day and time.



Team captains are responsible for roster management. All players must join their team roster submitted in writing through the team form.

Minimum and Maximum # of Players on a Roster: Minimum 7 Players / No Maximum Players.

Rosters should be complete by the first match of the season with the minimum 7 players. If the roster has only 7 players by the second match, then additional players may be added up to the start of third match. At the start of third match, the roster is locked through the remainder of season (and tournament if applicable). In the event a player is injured during the season, that player may be replaced by a new player at any time throughout the season per league approval.

Who can play:

  • State, County or City employees
  • Government Employee Family Members
  • Any Player who registered in the SASL Indoor or Outdoor from the previous season
  • Minimum age of 18 to play
  • No active college or professional players


Players may substitute on dead ball situations once acknowledged by referee. To allow game flow, proper substitution procedures shall be followed.

  • To initiate a sub, the substitute shall report to the half-way line.
  • At the next stoppage, the referee(s) will check to see if someone has reported or checked in at the half-way line.
  • Once the referee acknowledges the substitution and beckons the substitute on, the substituted player may leave the field at which point the substitute will become a player. *Note: a substitute must be reported at the half-way line or walking towards the half-way line for the substitution to take place. This is to limit the number/length of stoppages in the game and reduce time wasting. You can still yell “Sub” but make sure they are at the half way line. If not, the referee will wait until they have done so. The teams should be at least 10 yards from the half line to distinguish players wanting to substitute from those just watching the game from the sideline.

Guest Players

  • 2 Girl guests and 1 Guy guest player may be allowed per team to substitute if: o They are a current State, City or County employee or spouse. o They have completed registration for on the Guest player registration page of Playpass
  • This is a special, 0 cost, registration that is needed for collection of the liability waiver o The player is listed on the league provided roster as a substitute.
  • The substitute will only be allowed to play if: o There are less than 4 season registered girls who show up and check in. o There are less than 9 season registered guys who show up and check in.
  • If after referee check in a season registered player arrives to the game and the number is no longer lower than the limit specified above, the guest player must sub off and is not allowed to renter the field of play unless there is an injury or event resulting in the number of players returning below the allowed limit for that match. (Example, a girl leaves at halftime leaving 3 season registered girls left)
  • Guest players are only allowed 3 yellow cards in a season before being required to sit out a game.
  • When a player starts with a team, they must finish with the same team they started with. Any failure to comply will result in a forfeit of that game to the team who receives a switching player however the game will continue to play. Any switching player will also incur a yellow card to count against the counts for the game and the season. If the yellow card presented is the player’s second yellow card they will receive a red and will need to follow red card procedures.


WINS = 3 points
TIES = 1 point
LOSSES = 0 points
FORFEIT = -1 point


In the event of a tie in the standings, the tiebreaker for final league standings are followed in this order:

  1. Head-to-head result
  2. Goal differential (capped at +/- 3 per match)
  3. Goals against
  4. Goals for


Jerseys: Teams must pick a team color and bring an alternative in case of a conflict. The Alternate does not have to have a number. The goalkeeper must wear a different color than both teams. Home and Away team designation will be made on the game schedule. The captains are responsible for checking the schedule and informing his/her team of the alternates to be worn during that match. All teams must have permanent numbers on every jersey and all numbers must be unique before playing the teams third game.
Shin Guards: Shin guards are MANDATORY and must be covered by socks for ALL players
Footwear: Players may play in flats, turfs, or molded plastic or rubber cleats (no screw-in studs or metal cleats).
NO JEWELRY allowed except flat wedding bands and medical/alert bracelet.
Casts: No hard casts allowed in games unless wrapped and approved by the referee
Hats/Sunglasses: No hats with bills or sunglasses allowed for field players (keeper may wear a referee approved head covering if desired, like bandana or ball cap)


Players are subject to cautions and send offs according to FIFA’s Law 12, including a slide TACKLE resulting in a caution.

Yellow Cards:
In addition to FIFA Laws around yellow cards:

  • Slide Tackling is an automatic yellow card and the restart is an indirect free kick from the spot of the infraction unless the slide tackle itself is considered a foul then a direct free kick will result.
  • Profanity is not tolerated in SASL and will be met with an automatic yellow.
  • If a player receives 2 yellow cards in a single match, the second yellow results in a Red Card. Their team must play a player down for the rest of the match. The player will also be suspended from the team’s next match. (This does not reset for playoffs)

Red Cards:
In addition to FIFA Laws around Red Cards:

  • Players who are issued a send-off (red card either via two yellow cards or a straight red card) may not return to the field of play for the remainder of the match. He/she can stay on the sideline/bench with their team if it is not a disruption to the game. The ejected player may be required to leave the park for the remainder of the match by the referee. The player may not participate in any other league games that same day and will not participate in his/her next scheduled game. The team must play one less player for the remainder of that match. A goalkeeper who is issued a red card is also subject to this same rule.

Consistent infringement or a serious incident(s) committed by a player or team may result in suspension or being kicked out of the League. This does not reset between seasons

Card point system:
Points Assessed for Infractions
Caution = 1 Point
Send Off = 4 Points
When a player accumulates 4 points, they will be required to sit out one game.
At an accumulation of 8 points, the player will be required to sit out for two games.
At the accumulation of 10 or more points, the player will be suspended from the league for the remainder of the season.

Points do not carry over to the next season, but sit outs earned do carry over if they have not been served.
If a trend is observed for a specific player over multiple seasons, that player may be subject to expulsion from the league.

Profanity is not tolerated in the league. Players using profanity are subject to automatic cautions. Consistent infringement may result in suspensions.

Fighting Policy:
We take violent conduct and aggressive behavior from teams, players, and fans very seriously.
Should a player be involved in a violent conduct or serious incident they will be held to the following:

1st Violation- expulsion from the league for the remainder of the current season and the entirety of the following season with no refunds.
2nd Violation- a two season expulsion from the league with no refunds.
3rd Violation- permanent ban from the league.

Teams that are involved in two incidents in the same season will be suspended for the remainder of the season with no refunds. All games will be forfeited for the remainder of the season. Teams that are suspended for a second time will not be allowed to return under the same team name or same manager.
Fans involved in violations will be escorted off the premises immediately.

The State Agency Soccer League (SASL) ensures that no person or groups of persons shall, on the grounds of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, disability, retaliation, genetic information, sexual orientation, or gender identity, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be otherwise subjected to discrimination under any and all programs, services, or activities administered by SASL. If someone harasses another person then a written statement will need to be submitted to the board for investigation. Statements that include something directed at a person’s race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, disability, retaliation, genetic information, sexual orientation, or gender identity, will be investigated. Once the complaint is received the board will Investigate and decide if a punishment should be given and what punishment should be given within 2 weeks. No more than one warning will be given before a player is suspended from the league. If the player seeks an appeal it should be given in a written format to the President and Vice President for further investigation and determination.

All other disputes, violent conduct, incidents etc. can be reviewed by the League and are punishable at the League's discretion depending on the situation. All decisions are final.

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