About Playpass

We help players of all ages find and play sports.

Playpass is the easiest way to find and join the best local camps, leagues and tournaments, across 13 sports from baseball to volleyball. We help keep teams full, fields occupied and courts moving.

Playpass is your one stop source for great rec and youth sports in the Bay Area. Our goal is to be comprehensive. If we've missed one, let us know and we'll add them.

Parents and players save more time when organizers use EasySignup, our secure and free payment platform.

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Our Story

Our mission is to get everyone playing more sports. Playpass helps you discover great local camps, leagues and tournaments regardless of your age or skill level.

Before we opened our doors in San Francisco in 2014, Playpass started as league management software for DUPLAYS, Dubai’s largest sports organizer with over 70,000 members playing 15 sports.

CEO Brian Sigafoos’ experience at DUPLAYS helped Playpass understand the pains and needs of sports organizers. A Harvard grad and former pro-basketball player, Brian saw the power of sports firsthand as a PeacePlayers International program director in Israel and the West Bank.

Today, Playpass helps players and parents find and play sports. From the smallest soccer leagues to the biggest baseball camps, our goal is to help you find the best local opportunities to play.

Our team is full of players, just like you. Interested in joining? We're hiring!