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Our Mission

Give people the power to play and make communities healthier and more connected.

Our Story

We all want to be more active. But we don't want to waste the little free time we have endlessly searching for great activities to join.

Playpass makes it easy. We bring you local sports & fitness activity in one search experience. You can filter results, see reviews and photos, and register and pay for activities, all from your phone, tablet or computer.

Organizers use our free software for scheduling and registration to save time and money. We also offer paid plans with more features and controls. If they need help finding new customers, we have a promotion service that helps them grow.

Before launching search for sports & fitness in 2015, Playpass got its start building sports management software for Dubai’s largest sports organizer, DUPLAYS, with over 70,000 members playing 15 sports.

CEO Brian Sigafoos saw the power of sports to make communities healthier and more connected firsthand as a PeacePlayers International program director in Israel and the West Bank. A Harvard grad and former pro-basketball player, Brian's experience at DUPLAYS helps Playpass understand the needs of organizers as well as participants.

Brian Sigafoos PeacePlayers 2006

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