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5 Benefits of Playing in a Rec Sports League

Why you should join a rec sports league right now.

Blog 5 Benefits of Playing in a Rec Sports League

benefits of playing rec sports

With the rise of popular sport and social clubs like ZogSports, local recreational sports are becoming more accessible than ever to adults of all ages. Whether you're a former college star or a relative newcomer, there's a league that's right for you. Here's why you should consider joining one:

1. Meet your fitness goals

The best form of exercise is not necessarily enduring grueling weekly sessions at the gym. Often times, adults are more likely to stick to their health and fitness goals when they're doing something they actually enjoy. You don't need to transform into a fanatic gym rat to get fit. Playing in an intense tennis match or practicing for the next basketball game can burn more calories than a typical 45-minute workout. Furthermore, there's no easy fix or overnight trick to becoming healthy. Staying active is a lifestyle. Finding a seasonal league or club team that you love, with teammates to keep you accountable, will help you surpass daily fitness goals, and maintain a regular channel for exercise (without you even realizing!).

2. Expand your social network

Tired of the same bar scene with the same people every Friday night? If you grew up in the bay area, it's time to say #yesnewfriends. Recreational sports leagues provide the perfect outlet to create new connections and encounter fresh faces. Get together with a few old friends or coworkers to start a team, and recruit players to fill open spots on the roster using PlayerFinder. You'll be able to expand your social network, and potentially even meet your future soulmate.

If you recently relocated to the city, joining that flag football league or beach volleyball tournament can be a convenient and fun way to get plugged into the local community. You'll be able to adjust faster to the new scene by getting acquainted with veteran players who know the best spots to go for happy hour. Even if you never played a sport before, but want to learn, don't be afraid to jump in. Most leagues are eager to teach and even offer clinics for beginners.

3. Gain a new skill

It's never too late to learn something new. If you didn't get the chance to play on the dream team in high school, now is the time to learn to dribble, pass, and score like a pro. According to studies, “people are ripe for learning at any age,” once they stop overthinking and start making the time to do. As kids, it was easy to race outside, pick up a bat and ball, and simply play. Skills like hand-eye coordination, throwing and catching, or even swimming are not natural gifts, but rather developed with practice over time. So why not start now? Sure, you might feel silly the first couple of times, but acquiring a lifelong hobby is worth the risk.

4. Families who play together stay together

Recreational sports leagues are the perfect family and team bonding activity. Whether getting to know new coworkers or reconnecting with old classmates, friendly competition provides excellent opportunities to build those relationships. Rallying together in an Ultimate Frisbee league with your college buddies may refresh wistful memories from glory days on campus. Rounding up siblings and relatives for a summer kickball tournament will help strengthen your familial bonds. And certainly, rec sports can offer valuable space for off-site team building. There's no better environment to break the ice with your department head than amidst a spirited game of softball.

5. Work hard, play harder

With all the time you put into careers, families and other obligations, you deserve some time off! Get away from the daily grind by swinging away with the golf club or hockey stick. It's the best way to blow off steam after a hard day in the office or de-stress after a long week. Just twenty minutes of running on the court or field can ease anxiety, reduce tension, and relieve depression. Playing in a rec league can be an amazing outlet to boost your mood and increase energy, leading to an overall improved and happier lifestyle.

Now – how do you decide which league to join?

On Playpass, you can quickly browse through and search local activities ranging from baseball to water sports. For sports organizers, we make player registration simple and hassle free. If an organizer uses Playpass we'll get you registered in second. If they don't we'll help get you to registration on their site.