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Publishing FAQ

Go from DRAFT to Published with 1 tap from any schedule, registration activity, waiver, page, or file upload.

Only you can view your homepage, schedule, registration activity, waiver, pages, and file uploads until you publish them.

When you create something, by default it is usually not yet published so you can adjust it and get it ready to go live.

After you publish it, anyone you share the link with can view it. With one tap you can Publish or Unpublish. Here's how...


From navigation bar tap the blue Publish link, or from Edit > Advanced > Publish



From Edit > Advanced you can unpublish, copy or delete with 1 tap as well.


What if someone visits something that I unpublished or deleted?

They'll see a short message saying "not found", and get a helpful link to your homepage. There, ideally, they can find posted an updated version of that schedule, activity, or page.

player view of unpublished

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