Advice and answers from the Playpass Team

Schedules for individual players

Make a schedule for players or individual contestants, instead of teams

Terminology note: Below we'll say player for any individual or contestant. Every sport on Playpass has its own terms, so please tell us if we're missing yours.

Creating a player schedule

All schedules on Playpass have the same setup and customization.

You can take any schedule that was made for teams and use it for players (or vice versa). Just rename each team/contestant as a Player and it will just work.

Rename as players

Tap a name to rename it as Player 1, 2 etc or as that player's real name

  • Round Robin Schedules - rename players from the Standings
  • Elimination Schedules - rename players from the schedule


What about pairs of players?

Playpass Scheduler can handle fixed partner pairs: where 2 players play every game together. For example, rename a contestant to "Kevin & Steph" (or "Durant/Curry") to schedule that pair.

The same goes for 3 or more players, although then you might as well ask for a team name.

The Scheduler cannot handle rotating partner pairs: every game the pair changes partners.