1 Pitch Kickball Tournament

1 Pitch Kickball Tournament

Coed kickball tournament in Ramstein-Miesenbach, Germany


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10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
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Event Date/Time: 6 September 2017 @ 1000-1400
Event location: Southside Softball Field B
Sign up deadline: 1 Sep 2017

In one-pitch kickball, the pitcher is trying to pitch the ball right over the heart of the plate to give the hitter an opportunity to take a powerful swing. If the pitcher throws a poor pitch and the ball is not over the plate, the batter must swing because he only sees one pitch per at bat. If the batter swings and misses, fouls a pitch off or takes a pitch, he is out. All other balls are in play.

There can be 10 defensive players. The extra defensive player is usually positioned in the outfield, but that is the defensive team's choice. The extra fielder can be placed anywhere in fair territory. If the team does not have its full complement of players, it must have at least eight players to start the game. Teams that have less than eight players five minutes after the scheduled start time will forfeit the game

Each kicker will receive one pitch to hit.
A foul ball will be considered an “out.”
A pitched ball outside the strike zone will be a “ball” and the batter will receive a walk. (A ball which hits the
plate is a “STRIKE”)
Games are played 10 v. 10 format. A team must have a minimum of eight players to commence the game. If the team has less than eight players, then the team will be permitted to play, but must take an “out” at the bottom of the order

Everyone on the roster who appears to play must be included in the lineup. Players arriving late can be added to the bottom of the batting order.
No leads: Runners must remain on base until the ball is hit. If no contact is made and the runner leaves the base they will be “out.” courtesy runners will be permitted to run for injured players.
No fake tags: If a fielder is caught attempting to deceive a runner they will be ejected, given a 1 game suspension, and the runner will be awarded the next base.
Slide rule: None
No bunting
No Stealing
A regulation game shall consist of 5 innings.
Home team will be determined by a coin flip. In the championship game the winner of the winners bracket
will be the home team.

Points: 1st Place-5pts, 2nd Place-3pts, 3rd Place-2pts: 1 additional point awarded or every team entered up to 2 teams.