2 Hour Cruise

2 Hour Cruise

Coed sailing event in Seabrook, TX


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American Sailing Association was founded in 1983 with a simply stated mission: to teach people to

sail safely and confidently. To achieve that goal, the ASA set out to establish standards against which

to measure a sailor’s level of knowledge and skill, the first such unified standards in the U.S. to apply

to sailors in keelboats.

The ASA system has eight primary levels of student certification from Basic Keelboat all the way to

Offshore Passagemaking. Whether your goal is to skipper a bareboat charter in the Caribbean or to

crew confidently on a short weekend sail, the ASA’s sailing-education system will guide you as you

learn the theory behind sailing, practice the skills needed to handle a sailboat, and build the

foundation of knowledge that will enable you to navigate a vessel safely and within the law.

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