Snooker referral program

Reward your members for inviting their friends


Reward for your current members to invite their friends.


Offer for friends that join from your member's invite link.

Set a reward for members to refer friends and set an offer encouraging those friends to join. Both the reward and offer are redeemable on any of your registration activities.

Grow faster with a refer-a-friend program

It's easy to create a referral program for your snooker organization. Help your biggest fans, your current members, become your marketing team.

We give your members a personal invite link they can share with friends. You decide what rewards to offer. We track everything for you and automatically give out rewards.

mobile snooker referral program

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Snooker referral program features

Here are all the features of Playpass Referral Program for organizations

  • Create an automated snooker refer-a-friend program
  • Set a reward for members to refer friends
  • Set an offer encouraging friends to join
  • Promote your referral program on your homepage, emails, and more places
  • We track everything for you: including visits, referrals, registrations and revenue
  • Automatically give out rewards for successful referrals
  • Looking for a feature? We release updates regularly, so let us know

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