3pt. Contest

That's Right!!! We have a Three Point Contest and of course we are giving away more cash! Below are more details.

3pt. Contest

Each team will select a representative from their roster to shoot in our 3pt. contest. The winner of the contest will be awarded $500 in cash. Here are the rules and how the contest will be set up.


Each shooter will have 60 seconds to shoot five balls from five racks positioned around the 3-point line. One rack will be stationed at the top of the key, one will be on each wing, and one will be in each corner.

Each shooter may begin at either corner of the court. The designated shooting spots along the 3-point arc will be where shooter stands. The shooter can stand on either side of rack as long as both feet are behind the line during shot attempt.
The clock will start on the shooter’s first release.
The first four balls on each rack are worth one point, and the fifth ball on each rack is worth two points. A shooter must have both feet behind the 3-point line when he releases the ball.
A shooter’s total score is determined by adding the total points he receives for all made baskets from behind the 3-point line.
Tie-Breaker - When determining the campus champion, the following tie-breaking procedure will be followed: The first tiebreaker will be the number of money balls each shooter hit in his round. If a tie still exists, the second tiebreaker will be the number of baskets made from the last rack. If a tie still exists, proceed backward through the number of racks until the tie is broken.

Contest Set-up

There will be a total of four rounds. Each round that passes, half of the contestants will be eliminated. This will remain true until the fourth and final round. The remaining four shooters, will have one attempt to make the most three point attempts to win the cash award.
There will be one individual winner, who will be awarded $500 in cash. Winner must sign agreeing that they have received their winnings in full.
Each team will need to submit their contestant for the contest on the first day of the tournament (May, 31,2019). This is a day where each team participating is required to be in attendance. If any substitutions or changes need to be made, inform our staff at 702-287-1324. This information needs to be communicated no later than 12:00 pm June 2, 2019.
Contest will be held the last day of the tournament (June 2, 2019). Contest will begin at 4:00 pm and is going to start before the championship game.

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