Tournament Rules and Requirements

Below you will be required of each team in order to participate. We expect every team organization to conduct themselves professionally.

#Team Requirements
-Each Team must have a minimum of 7 players on their roster.
-Each Team is required to bring their own jerseys, one light colored and one dark for each player. Numbered T-shirts are acceptable.
-First day of tournament, waivers are to be completed by each team member.
-Each Player must bring a valid form of identification prior to the first game.

#Tournament Rules
-Each game will be comprised of two (2), twenty (20) minute halves.
-Each team is allowed 2 timeouts per half.
-Clock is stopped during timeouts, and under two minutes of the second half, if game is
within 10 points.
-Each team's complete roster must be present prior to first game for a team
photograph. This photograph will serve as proof of roster.
-Each player is allowed 6 fouls.
technical fouls WILL NOT be counted as a personal foul but any player who receives
two (2) technical fouls in a game will be ejected from the game. NOTE officials can eject a player whenever they deem it necessary regardless of foul count.
-Team enters bonus upon reaching seven (7) team fouls, double bonus at ten (10) team

  • If a team is reduced to less than five (5) players due to foul trouble, the team will play the remainder of the game with four (4) players on the floor. If one of those four (4)
    players receives his sixth (6th) foul, that player can remain in the game but each of his subsequent fouls will result in one (1) point being awarded to the opposing team.
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