What's to Win?

With a $2,500 prize to the winner of this competition, we felt that that just wasn't enough. Check out what else we have in store.

1st Place:

You've won the tournament!!! Congratulations! Now of course you have received your team cash prize of $2,500, but finishing first comes with more than just one reward. 1st place also receives a waived fee for our next tournament. Meaning a free entry into our next cash prize tournament. Dates are to be determined no later than May 30, 2019. Also, they will be the only team to receive a championship trophy. Winners will also have team jersey's custom made and ordered for the upcoming tournament. Be sure to give your jersey sizes to us in order for on time delivery and correct fits.

2nd Place:

You were so close! We would love to have that competitive spirit back in our next tournament. With your teams hard work, you have earned a free spot for your team in our next tournament. We hope to see you again for another chance at $2,500.

Big League Basketball
Cash Prize Tournament!!!