Guidelines of Conduct

Guidelines of Conduct

Remember upon the Conduct of each depends the Fate of All.

Guidelines of conduct for youth and adult members of the CPBGC

Revised January 20, 2003

Background information:

The College Park Boys and Girls Club, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that is completely run and maintained by unpaid volunteers, usually parents of youth participants. It aims to teach all youth members to understand and practice the principles of sportsmanship, fair play and good citizenship. Because it is a growing organization dealing with boys and girls aged 5 until their teenage years, it is imperative that we all work together to fulfill the aims of the organization which will eventually lead to the development of our youth participants as well as our community.

These guidelines will complement the Club's adult volunteers Code of Ethics.  

Expectations from parents or guardians include:

  1. Unless other arrangements are made, parents or guardians should bring their kids to practices and games on time, and promptly pick them up from practices or games. Note that coaches are volunteers who are usually also parents and it would be too burdensome for them to provide post-activity care for your children.

  2. Promote sportsmanship on the field, during practices or games, by cheering for your children. Leave the coaching to the coaches, or the calls to the referees. 

  3. Refrain from verbally chastising your kids while at play, it will only confuse them.

  4. Help keep the playgrounds clean.

  5. Get involved by volunteering. The Club offers many opportunities for involvement and is always looking for help.

Expectations from youth participants include:

  1. Strive to behave your best at all times. Sports is not all about winning. It includes relating well with others, cheering for your team mates, and showing good sportsmanship when your team loses. 

  2. Do not engage in behaviors that will hurt others.

  3. Respect your coach and other members of your team.

  4. Take care of your sports gears, and do not take anything that does not belong to you.

  5. Help keep the fields and other places of activities clean and free of litter.