Terms And Conditions Academy Membership

Created by Lisa Proctor
Jul 1

Places for next season are limited and therefore cannot be guaranteed unless registration is completed in full by due dates.
Personalised kit will only be provided to members registered by 16th July 2020.
Any registration AFTER 16th July cannot be guaranteed.

Fees must be paid as per the payment option selected.

Capital Netball reserves the right to refuse or cancel membership based on non- attendance, misconduct or previous breach of a Code of Conduct.

• Academy membership is a commitment not only to training sessions but also to matches, tournaments and leagues in which the Academy is entered. Participation and commitment to your team and coach is expected. Capital Netball reserves the right to terminate membership based on non-attendance.

• Capital netball has a strict no refund policy
• In the event of cancellation of sessions due to events out of our control, refunds/credits/make-up sessions cannot be offered.
• Refunds will not be given where a membership has been terminated by Capital Netball for misconduct, non-attendance or breach of Code of Conduct.

• Transport and accommodation associated with attending tournaments
• Additional tournaments, clinics, or other opportunities that may present throughout the season. Although participation would be encouraged, these would be optional.

I, acknowledge that I have read,
understand and accept the Capital Netball Codes of Conduct AND Terms & Conditions of membership with Capital Netball, on behalf of my