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Ruleset Summary

League Dates and Venues:
The League will begin July 6th as an online tournament. The playoffs will be set for August 2nd at a venue TO BE DETERMINED. If there are circumstances that prevent us from going on-site, we will hold the playoffs online.

League Format: Players will play TWO (2) games per week for a total of 8 games in the regular season. Seeding will be based on Win/Loss record with tiebreakers including: point differential, head-to-head, and random coin flip.

Schedules subject to change based on participation.
Prizes: Will be determined once participation is measured.

• Quarter Length: 5 minutes
• Play Clock: 40 seconds (default, cannot change)
• Skill Level: All-Madden
• Weather: Clear
• Injuries: 0
• Fatigue: 50
• Accelerated Clock: Off
• Game Speed: Normal
• Game Style: Competitive
• Event Type: Quick Presentation
• Auto Sprint: Default On
• Auto Strafe: Default On
• Heat Seeker: Default On
• Ball Hawk: Default On
• Switch Assist: Default Off
• Auto Play Flip: Off
• Camera Setting: Standard

In-Game Team Selection:
Both competitors may select any current year NFL team with updated rosters at the beginning of league play.
Using the same current year NFL team is allowed between two players.
No custom or all-star teams may be selected.
Players may change their team selection from game-to-game; there is no "locked" teams in this format.

In-Game Restrictions:
• There will be no glitch exploiting allowed. Decision on game forfeiture is up to the discretion of the tournament manager.
• Pauses are only allowed by way of timeouts. A pause mid-game will result in disqualification, unless OK'd by both opposing player and tournament manager.
• All settings should be verified by both players prior to start of game.

Moderators/Tournament Manager:
Each match-up will be assigned a league moderator. Moderators will work with both players to set the rules, initiate online play, and record your final score. It is the player responsibility to report their scores to their moderator.

Players will be required to stream their games for moderators to view and commentate - using Twitch, Youtube Live, or Mixer as preferred streaming sites. Streaming games helps moderators to ensure quality play, fairness, and post match-ups for online viewing.

Venue Restrictions:
Zero tolerance for bullying, fighting, or offensive behavior.
Our partners run community venues with minors allowed, be aware of your behavior, language, and consumption at all times.
Players are encouraged to bring their own controllers (venues have limited supply) and you are 100% responsible for keeping track of your own equipment. Venue and DCG are not liable for lost/stolen personal items.

For Additional information, please contact:
Arman Jivani -