HSL Rules And Gameplay

First Christian Church

Created by Ian
May 24, 2017

League Purpose

The intent of the league is to provide an avenue for outreach to the Ramseur community that people may be impacted with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and encouraged to join a community of loving believers. A secondary priority is that the members of the league are provided an avenue to play basketball in a competitive environment.

League Overview

$25 per player. Each player must be in high school (9th-12th grades), and no player may participate if he/she is over 18 years old. All players must sign a registration agreement (this form), and if an individual does not complete this form they can not participate. Player must pay the league fee before he/she can play in a game.

Time Factors

Each game will have four quarters of 8:00 each.

Player Conduct

Misconduct or unacceptable behavior during any practice or game will result in penalty subject to administration. One technical foul will result in ineligibility for the remainder of that game. Two technical fouls on the season will result in the player forfeiting their right to play the remainder of the games. If a coach or fan receive a technical foul, he/she must leave the facility for the remainder of the game. No refunds will be allotted to ejected persons. All jewelry must be removed. Refrain from foul language and bad attitudes.

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