2020 Kindergarten Soccer Rules

"Saturday League at Hope" 4 v 4 format (No Goalie)

Scott McClain
Updated Mar 5


  • Teach Basics of dribbling, passing and shooting
  • Develop Sportsmanship between teams and teamwork between players
  • Encourage all players in a positive and Christian learning environment

Game Overview:

  1. Pre-season times: 9:00/10:00/11:00/12:00 (details on the schedule)
  2. Game times: 10:00 (Game 1) & 11:00 (Game 2)
  3. Players on the field: 4 per team
  4. Game Length: (4) 9-minute quarter with a running clock
  5. Substitutions: Around 4:30 minutes each quarter
  6. An OFFICIAL will monitor the game keeping time

Modified Rules

  1. Each game will begin with a Prayer and then Kickoff at mid-field
  2. Each player will play approximately 50% of the game if physically possible
  3. Each quarter begins with Alternating Possession
  4. (1) Coach may be on the field to assist the Official, but will need to be on side of the field, NOT IN THE MIDDLE
  5. **Score" will not be kept
  6. Players will Run the Tunnel at Mid-field formed by parents and fans following the game
  7. Post-Game Snacks (1) family will provide drink and snack following for each game


  1. Players need a Size 3 soccer ball and Shin-guards are Mandatory
  2. Player Uniforms are provided (includes jersey, shorts, socks)
  3. Please bring a water bottle for all activities
  4. No Throw-ins - Saturday Soccer uses "Kick-in" to restart play.


Hope Church Memphis
Sports and Recreation Ministries