Under 6 Basketball Rules

For teams participating in the Sunday Development League.

Scott McClain
Updated 12 days ago


• Teach Basics: dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding, and defense
• Develop Sportsmanship and Respect for the game of basketball
• Encourage all players in a positive & Christian environment for learning

Game Overview

A. Game Times: Differ each week, please arrive 15 minutes early for warmup
B. Players on the Court: 4 ON 4
C. Game Length: (4) 10-minute quarters with a running clock
D. Substitutions: Around 5:00 each half
E. Free Throws: 2 per player during halftime
F. Defense Zone: U6: MARKED Lane
G. One Official will monitor the game
H. One Score Keeper will work the table keeping score and time

League Rules:

  1. Each game will begin with a PRAYER and then a JUMP BALL
  2. Each player shall Play 50% of each game
  3. Each quarter will begin with ALTERNATING POSSESSION
  4. NO PENALTY FOR double dribbling or traveling
  6. NO CONTACT is allowed, and fouls are not kept
  7. The Defense will stand on the RED LINES inside of the Defensive Zone
  8. The Offense will stand on the BLUE LINES to pass and shooting
  9. An OFFENSIVE COACH instructs players to Pass and to SHOOT
  10. Parents are asked to NOT instruct the players on shooting or passing
  11. Every player plenty of shot opportunities during the game
  12. Each player shoots (2) Free Throws at Halftime
  13. After a made basket, (1) U5 player will walk the ball down the court in transition
  14. (2) players will inbound the ball after each made basket
  15. The score will be kept, but we encouraging PERFORMANCEof scoring baskets over the outcome of a win/loss
  16. Following the game, TEAMS will line up in front of the scorer's table,Bump Elbows and congratulate each other with Good Game
  17. Each team will provide Snacks for each game, snack-list sign-up on December 9 practice.


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