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About Us

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Erin Ross
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About Mile High Sport & Social Club

Mile High Sport & Social Club was founded in March of 2014. Our first event, a volleyball pick-up game, which had 15 people attend, was held in September of 2014. Since that day, we have stuck to our principles about how we operate and how we offer our services to our participants.

One of the biggest attributes to Mile High Sport & Social Club is that all registrations are treated the same. Whether you organize a full team or you are a single-player, you will get our full amount of time and energy. We will do whatever it takes to get you playing in the best league and environment possible!

Many of our players are on a first name basis with us - we spend as much time out at the leagues, tournaments and socials as in the office. It is more of a family atmosphere at Mile High Sport & Social Club - you get to meet tons of friends, play, network and socialize. If you don't know us (Mike and Erin) yet, feel free to introduce yourself - we are really friendly people and want to know who is playing in our league and what we can do to better improve your experience!

We are not a large corporation run in several large cities - the owners and managers, Erin and Mike Ross, work and live in this city of Denver. We do our best to represent and serve our community every day.

Come play and participate with Mile High Sport & Social Club!

About the Owners

Mike and Erin Ross are the founders and owners of Mile High Sport & Social Club. Sports and recreation are a passion for Mike. He enjoys providing entertainment for others and making them smile. He graduated Penn State University in 2010 with a B.S. in Recreation, Parks and Tourism Management. Mike sat down with Erin and shared his dream of Mile High Sport & Social Club in early 2014 and by March of 2014 it was formed. Mike enjoys all sports, but his favorites are beach volleyball and football.

Erin is not only the beauty, but also the brains of the operation. She has FOUR! separate degrees from The University of Colorado and has found her passion in her primary job - a midwife at a local hospital. She is a master of spread sheets and helps to keep Mike's over-ambitious dreams in focus! She is so much more than "the books" as she continuously has great ideas and spends a lot of time socializing and meeting the players at the leagues. Erin enjoys spending time with her family and is the ultimate card shark - especially at Texas Hold'Em Poker.

Feel free to introduce yourself to us at any of our events, whether is a league, tournament or social - we want to hear your story as well!

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