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2019 Rules
North Andover Men’s Softball League
Information and Rules

We follow the ASA rulebook. The following rules are additional specifics to our League:

    • Games are generally held Monday thru Friday based on field availability.
    • Start times are 6:30 and 7:45 pm
    • League fee is a nonrefundable $300 payable to North Andover Men’s Softball.

    • Umpires are $30 per game/per team, playoffs are $25 per game/per team if 2 umpires.
    • The league schedule will be provided, you are required to play on the scheduled date. . You cannot call the other team to reschedule a game. Games are rescheduled for rain-outs only. A no-show is a forfeit.
    • You need 8 players to start a game, if you play with 8, the 9th batting position is an out.
    • You can play with 9 without taking an out
    • Late Players- if you start with 8 or 9 players you can add a player at any time. If you have 10 or more players you can add up until you go through the line up once. After that you can only add by substitute.
    • There is a 15 minute grace period before a forfeit is called.
    • After three forfeits, a team will be dropped for the rest of the season. Forfeits are called by the umpires due to lack of players or due to a violation of the rules.

    • The Commissioner will email the managers by approximately 4pm on game day to let you know if the games are cancelled due to rain or poor field conditions. We always try to play unless it is unsafe.
    • To schedule a makeup game, please call the coach of the other team, agree to a date, then call the Commissioner with the date so the date can be reserved on the schedule and umpires notified. Make-ups are your responsibility. Several open dates are included in the schedule to accommodate rainout make-ups. If you do not schedule make-ups by mid-July, it will be scheduled for you.
    • Rain Delay. Games stopped due to rain after the game has started. Will be completed at a later date. THE GAME DOES NOT START OVER
    • If there is a rainout during the playoffs the schedule will remain the same. We Will NO longer move all the games by a day. if you scheduled to play Tuesday and Monday gets rained out. The teams scheduled to play Tuesday will still play Tuesday and the rain out will get rescheduled.

    • Arc pitch range is 6’ to 16’.
    • Strike Zone- Ball Hitting the plate is a strike
    • No Metal Spikes. If a player is wearing metal spikes he will be asked to take them off an play in sneakers.
    • Extra batters – you may have as many in the lineup as you wish.

    • Mercy Rule – Any team that is winning by 12 or more runs after 5 complete innings wins by the mercy rule. After 5 complete innings if any team goes ahead by 12 runs at any point, the team that is ahead wins and the game is over.
    • 3rd Strike Rule – Batters will start with an 0-0 count. After 2 strikes, a foul ball will count as the 3rd strike and the batter is out.
    • Aggressive play with intent to injure an opponent will be determined by the umpire. If the umpire makes this decision that player is ejected and suspended for 3 additional games.
    • ASA allows for a FLEX player that may bat for a Designated Defensive Player. If you are going to use this rule and have someone bat for your pitcher, for example, then this must be declared to the umpire before the game starts. No one else may be substituted for the FLEX, these two players are linked for the remainder of the game. If the player that is batting for the FLEX goes into the game as a defensive player, then they continue to bat in the same order and the FLEX is now out of the game. The FLEX may re-enter the game, but if they come out a second time, they are out of that game.
    • INJURIES: In case of an injury during a game, at the discretion of the umpire a team may use what would ordinarily be an illegal substitute (i.e. a player who has already substituted and come out of the game). If no substitutes are available, the injured players spot in the lineup will be skipped and will not result in an out

    • If a ball makes it to the street in left/left center, it is a home run. This is regardless of whether it bounces up the hill or makes it on the fly - to prevent people from running into the road for a live ball and getting hit by a car.
    • Any ball hit to the woods or high grass area on the fly is a home run.
    • Any ball hit to center field is live, all you can get.
    • Any ball hit to right field (right of the big tree) that takes one bounce and goes into the woods or high grass area, is a ground-rule double. If the ball bounces more than once or rolls into this area, it is LIVE. If a ball bounces/rolls into the woods/weeds and is not able to be immediately found, the outfielder should raise his hand to alert the umpire. This may result in a ground rule double. Final ruling on all balls hit to the right field high grass and wooded areas is at the discretion of the umpire. Umpires will also award appropriate bases to any runners that were on base.
    • Any ball hit to center field that is lost in the high grass/wooded area may be ruled a ground-rule triple at the discretion of the umpire.
    • A player may attempt to catch a ball in the high grass area however a misplayed fly ball will be ruled a HR

    • Team managers are responsible for submitting the results of their games to the Commissioner. Provided the scores are reported regularly by team managers, an updated list of the standings will be emailed.
    • To be eligible for the playoffs, players must play in at least 6 games during the regular season to be eligible to play in the playoffs. A team roster must be submitted to the Commissioner by June 30. No additional players will be allowed to play in the playoffs once the roster is submitted.
    • Teams finishing the season ranked 1 thru 8 make the playoffs.
    • Both teams are responsible for submitting the ACTUAL SCORE to the Commissioner, not just the WIN or LOSS. If both teams send it, it will more likely be accurate.
    The reason for submitting the score is that it may be needed to figure out playoff standings. Playoff standings are by overall record, then head to head. In the case of a three way tie of the same record and no clear winner head to head, if accurate scores have not been submitted for all games, the Commissioner reserves the right to draw cards to determine final season ranking. That being said here are the Tie Breaker Rules.

2 team Tie

A. Head to Head
B. Head to Head Run Differential if teams split
C. Overall Run Differential (entire league)
D. Coin Flip or Draw Cards

3 or more Teams Tie Breaker

A. Head to Head Record vs Teams Tied
B. Head to Head Run differential vs Teams Tied
C. Overall Run Differential (entire league)
D. Coin Flip or Draw Cards

• Playoffs start in August, the start of playoffs depends on whether all rainout make-up games have been played. The playoff schedule will be determined once the season has ended and all necessary make-ups have been played.
• Playoff format will be bracket style 1 vs 8 and 4 vs 5 and the opposite side of the bracket is 3 vs 6 and 2 vs 7

  1. BATS
    • Only allowed bats may be used. Any player who uses or attempts to use an illegal bat will immediately cause a forfeit loss for his team. Again, three (3) forfeits and you are out for the remainder of the season. Team managers are responsible for their team’s behavior, it is up to them to ensure compliance. Ignorance of the rule is not a viable defense.
    • We allow double wall bats, however, no ALL COMPOSITES are allowed. You may use the two-piece construction with a composite handle but the barrel must be aluminum or steel. Bat may be inspected by either team at any time. No triple walls.

  2. OTHER
    • No alcohol on the field, on the hill above the field, or especially in the Youth Center parking lot. This is a public park/youth center with children around at all times. Violators can be dismissed from the league without a refund.
    • Please also watch your language, children are usually present.
    • Home Team Obligations:

  3. Ensure the lights are turned off after the second game.

  4. Ensure all equipment is put away and the field shed is locked.

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