Friday Winter Indoor Session 1 Rec 6:30-8:30

Friday Winter Indoor Session 1 Rec 6:30-8:30

Coed volleyball league in Omaha, NE


Indoor Session 1

$120 Ended Nov 11

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Nov 11 – Dec 16, 2016
6:30 – 8:30 PM
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Friday Age 18+
25 ratings

Just brutal. The Sempecks knew what they were doing. They took care of people. These clowns don't get it. Not paying these prices when management doesn't care or be personal with people. Heard the Sempecks took over and is now a partner at Alley V- They will close the MArk in less than year if that's true.

Memorial Day Weekend Tournament Mar 2017


summer league prices have gotten out of hand with only the first week of the courts being taken care of and no reason to drink up there with rediculous drink prices or lack of specials. RIP sempecks was way better back in the day

Tues 6:30 REC Mar 2017


Really gone downhill. Super pricy and poorly run. Added new courts but the ones they added have horrible nets and they tried to fit them where they didn't fit. Low maintenance around the courts so if the ball goes out better be current on your shots.

Sunday 7:30 COMP Feb 2017


Volleyball pricing and drink pricing is outrageous!

Fri 7:30 COMP Jan 2017


Love the indoor courts. cant wait for the spring session

Friday Winter Indoor Session 1 Rec/Comp 8:30-10:30 Dec 2016

Love this place!

Sunday 7:30 SPRING 2016 COMP Apr 2016

Small the mark
The MARK Volleyball
The MARK offers Volleyball Leagues YEAR ROUND! Spring, Summer and Fall sessions, are outdoors on our 9 sand courts. Sand Volleyball plays Sunday through Friday, with multiple time slots per night. The MARK now offers indoor Winter Volleyball Leagues as well.