The Valley Social Story

Where we came from and how you can join us as we bring sports and social events to the Central Valley

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Drew Roschli
Updated Nov 8

Valley Social Sports was founded by Drew Roschli, a Tennessean who was taken far from his home by his career aspirations. Knowing no one on arrival, Drew set out to meet people and fit into his new home. It was not as easy as he thought it would be in his first year.

With the support of his friends, family, and loving girlfriend, Drew founded Valley Social Sports to bring together other young adults, as well as the young at heart, for friendly sporting games which were as much about the score as they were about who was getting the first round at the bar when the dust settled.

We hope that whether you've lived in the Central Valley your whole life or you're new in town like Drew, you can show up to a Valley Social event and walk away with new friends. So come play some kickball, volleyball, basketball, or any other sport with us and see why we get rave reviews week after week!

Want to get your business involved by sponsoring a team or league? How about hosting some of the finest sports fans in California for an event? We'd love to hear from you! Fire an email to for information!

Interested in joining the Valley Social Sports team? We're always looking for help - referees, sport managers, etc. Send us some information about yourself and any pertinent experience to and we'll get back to your as quick as we can!