WWB Rules & Regulations

WWB Rules & Regulations

*********IMPORTANT *************

Game times peak times are 7pm to 11pm EST and 6pm to 10pm CST. If your team will have any issues playing during these hours please do not submit your team for the league.


Every team captain must provide his time zone prior to being considered a selection in the league.

  1. Your 30 dollar team entry fee is required before you can enter the league. Once we have received your fee please provide us a very clear copy of your team name and logo.

  2. Once the first game of the season has begun there will be NO refund for any teams that wish to leave the league.

  3. The 30 Dollar fee will be a pay out among the top 3 teams. Dollar amount set with 20 teams in the league SUBSTANCE to change.

Winner. TBD
Second Place. TBD
Third Place. TBD

  1. All 10 team member names must be submitted at registration!" (PLAYERS CAN SWITCH BUILDS FROM GAME TO GAME)

  2. A player may only play for one team during the season.

  3. If you are not currently holding a full roster you have until the end of the Second week to have all 10 team members submitted to your division leader.

  4. If a team quits prior to playing 25% of thier required league games those games will not count. The loser or winner of those games will be credited with a bye week game.



  1. Each team will have an Owner/Captain.

  2. Each Owner/captain shall be familiar the Facebook messenger owner/captains chat, WBB homepage/Schedule & WWB Stats page.

  3. If you are a Owner/captain and you know that it will be hard for others to reach you within a 12 hour period please submit a co-captain.

  4. Any player that out right quits during a game *Owner/Captain please let your division leader know) that player will be removed from the league and all WWB social sites.

  5. You have a 10 man roster! Pick your 10 carefully! Holding up a game for one player will not be acceptable. Please plug and play your roster as needed. If that player is the team owner create a alternate team for that one game or games if needed. CHICAGO – Alternate team CHICAGOA

  6. Any player that wishes to leave one team for another must pay an additional 10$ for the right to change teams.


  1. All home teams are highly suggested to stream via YOUTUBE or Twitch.

  2. Game days are:


  1. All schedules are pre generated so you can check your schedule ahead of time and make contact with your team and the other team’s captain to set up your game time and date.

  2. Once a game time has been agreed upon you have a 30 min grace period before that game should be started. If the team is not there and has not communicated a new time in good faith the game will be forfeited. Game time 8 pm CST. Team A shows up. Team B shows up at 845pm CST that game is now 30 past time and it will be a forfeit*. Please respect the league and respect the times of other captains team. WORK TOGETHER! WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME LEAGUE.

  3. Any team that falls behind by 10 games will automatically forfeit their chances to win the championship and they will be removed.


  1. Box Scores must be submitted by the winning team after each game on the Facebook page under the current weeks posting.

  2. Box scores must be submitted to the division leader. *For award recognition and stat tracking

  3. Box scores must be labeled correctly.

BULLS vs Chargers Game 1 Wed May 10, 2019

BULLS vs Cheese Game 2 Wed May 10, 2019

  1. If a player lags out 3 minutes after the game has been started the teams must continue the game without them.* UNLESS IN GOOD FAITH THE OTHER TEAM LETS YOU RESTART


  1. All issues with another team or another teams players will not be allowed to be posted on any WBB affiliated social media site.

  2. All grievances will be sent to the division leader.

  3. Anyone that violates the grievance rules will be removed from the league.




Owners/Captains will be responsible for submitted their team representatives for the weekly and seasonal awards.