Rules & Regulations

Created by Jamal James
Aug 5
  1. Teams can consist of three, four or five players: three starters and one or two substitutes. All players must be age 8 or older.

  2. Adult teams (at least one player over age 18) will be placed into one division. Youth divisions will be grouped based on the average ages of each team and the captain's request for Competitive or Recreation level competition .

  3. No roster changes may be made after a team starts its first scheduled game.

  4. All teams will play a minimum of at least three (3) scheduled games.

  5. Games are played on a half court using City of Ballers 3 vs. 3 rules. View and Download " 3 vs. 3 Game Day Rules & Regulations" for full list.

  6. All captains MUST provide age verification for all team players at the MANDATORY Team Check in Friday, Sept 28th. EACH PLAYER MUST CARRY PERSONAL PICTURE IDENTIFICATION (birth certificate for minors). Inaccurate information is grounds for immediate disqualification of the entire team. The A.D.R.E.E.A.M. FOUNDATION reserves the right to verify any player’s identity and age.

  7. The A.D.R.E.E.A.M. Foundation reserves the right to reduce the number of scheduled games, or shorten games, due to unforeseen circumstances. All team correspondence will be made to the designated team captain.

  8. $2,000.00 Cash Prize is for the winning team of the Adult Baller Division only.

  9. Each team is required to have a representative (team captain) to pick up their teams' registration packet at the MANDATORY Team Check-in, Friday September 28th.
    at the HyVee Arena, T.B.A.

  10. If teams' registration packets aren't pick up prior to September 29, 2018, or if arrangements aren't made by email at; you will be charged a late fee of $25.00 (cash only), that will be required on September 29, 2018, prior to starting your first game.

  11. Entries Fees are non-refundable.