BQ3 Elite Wolfpack Spring/Summer Teams

BQ3 Elite Wolfpack Spring/Summer Teams

Competitive basketball through the spring and summer running March-July. Summer League and tournaments.

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Coach Brandon Queen, founder of BQ3 Elite Training, brings decades of experience to the court. He has played in arenas all over the world and brings with him the knowledge and experience that is sought after by many.

From his years in San Francisco playing college ball, to his years playing overseas, Brandon is well versed in all things basketball and will bring his passion, drive and heart to the court with him each time.

Brandon began his coaching career in 2006, while coaching an organization of 7 teams called the Oklahoma Franchise. He went on to coach at Jenks High School in Jenks, Oklahoma, and Edison Middle School and High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

With his vision of BQ3 Elite Training, he will be creating a true platform for players and coaches to learn from and grow with. BQ3 is more than a training firm, it is a mentoring platform, an educational influence and a stepping stone for successes for all.