Instruction For Beginners

Instruction For Beginners

Coed fishing class in Houston, TX


one hour private session of up to three students


3 hour private session bundle


4 hour private session bundle

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Casting and fishing classes for beginners are designed to teach a person who is brand new to fly fishing. It is assumed that the student hasn't received any organized fly casting instruction and has had little exposure to fly fishing in general. Everyone learns at a different pace at a different pace but most students acquire the necessary skills to start fishing with with a fly rod after a couple of instruction sessions.

The introductory program recommended for most indivduals is structured around three separate sessions. The first session, typically two hours long, focuses on safety, fly fishing and fly casting as they differ from other fishing styles, reviewing the equipment including rod, reel, line, leader, tippet, and flys, and the basics of casting with details on grip, stance, line control, loading the line, and a basic pick up and laydown cast. The second session at one hour reinforces the casting instruction in the first lesson with adequate time for self discovery. A second casting tactic, the roll cast, is introduced. The third lesson, also an hour long, is geared towards improving the efficiency of the casting stroke and learning how to handle the "fishing" part of fly fishing.