Release Waiver

Created by Jim Ned Girls Softball Assosiation
Jan 4

I, the undersigned, as the parent or legal guardian of the child named in this registration, do hereby give my full consent and approval for my child to participate as a member of the softball team and league indicated below.

I understand that there are certain risks of damages and injuries, including, death, inherent in the practice and play of softball, as well as in traveling in other related activities incidental to my child’s participation, and I am willing to assume these risks on behalf of my child. These risks include but are not limited to those hazards associated with weather conditions, travel, playing conditions, equipment, and other participants.

I understand that sliding into base is dangerous to my child and other players, and may result in serious injury or death.

I understand that the very nature of the game of softball is hazardous and risky, including, but not limited to, the acts of pitching, throwing, fielding and catching of the ball, the swinging of the bat, running, jumping, stretching, sliding, diving and collisions with other players, and with stationary objects, all of which can cause serious injury or death to my child or to other players.

Further, I agree that in consideration for the right to allow my child to participate as a member of the team designated below and in consideration for permission to play on the fields arranged by the team or league:

1. On Behalf of my child and myself, I do voluntarily elect to accept and solely assume all the risks of injury incurred or suffered by my child (a) while practicing or playing as a member of team so designated, (b) while serving in a non-playing capacity as a team member or observer during practice or play by other teams or by other players of my child’s team, and (c) while on or upon the premises of any and all of the fields arrange for by my team or league for practice or play.

2. In addition to giving my full consent for my child’s participation, I do hereby waive, release, discharge and agree not to sue the team and league designated below, the owner or operator of any fields or other entity designated below, the USA Softball of Texas, the United Girls Softball Association (inclusive the Abilene Fast Pitch Softball Association), Jim Ned Girls Softball Association, for any claim, damages, cost including attorney fees, or cause of action which I or my child have or may have in the future as a result of damages, injuries, including death, sustained or incurred by my child from whatever cause including but not limited to the negligence, breach of contract or wrongful conduct of the parties hereby released.

I hereby certify that my child is fully capable of participating in the designated sport and that my child is healthy and has no physical or mental disabilities or infirmities that would restrict full participation in these activities, except as made known to the coaches and officials of the team and league.

I further agree on behalf of myself and my child listed below, that I shall hold harmless and fully indemnify the parties herby release from any and all claims, damages, cost including attorney fees of action which may arise from any cause of action made by me or by, through or on behalf of my child, even if the damages, injuries or death are caused in whole or in part by any other persons or entities hereby released.

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