2018 League Guidelines

Created by Jason Brown
Feb 28

TWO54 C.F.A. (Christian Football Association)

Team Guidelines 2018

The following is an agreement by the participants that engage in activities with TW54 Football League. This agreement will be honored at all times for all participants, individual or team. The agreement will be valid for the 2018 season.

Disclaimer: This policy statement is not intended to create a right of action on the part of any party. TWO54 Football League reserves right to develop new policies, procedures and sanctions as needed to deal with unique circumstances as they arise.

Bathroom Guidelines

The following are the guidelines for all teams in regard to washroom policies for their home fields. (If you are a public facility, these may not apply directly to your club, however, management/availability will be part of the teams responsibility).

1.1 Available during matches & tournaments only

1.2 Use of lights is not permitted (unless permitted by home field staff)

1.3 Proper usage of all toilets and urinals (i.e. stall etiquette, flush, etc)

Dressing Rooms

2.1 Use of restrooms to change into uniforms (Do NOT use any unauthorized buildings)

2.2 Entire uniform must be worn at all time (Do NOT remove shirts to warmup/halftime/etc.)

2.3 Failure to follow these rules will result in removal from match and/or premises

Player Expectations

3.1 All Players are to remain by their designated bench

3.2 All Players will be respectful to staff, volunteers and visitors

3.3 All Players will only be allowed at the field and restroom areas only.

3.4 Only players listed on the roster will be allowed to enter KKV
i. This list will need to be provided prior to the match for check in
ii. Failure to provide complete roster will result in a cancellation

3.5 Do not leave clothing or trash on or around the field. Any left items will be considered a donation to a local charity of the leagues choice after 24 hours of going unclaimed.

3.6 Use of obscene language, violent behavior, drugs or alcohol will result in immediate removal from the match. A review will be administered by the League Director and Advisory Committee. The findings may result in a suspension up to removal from the league.

Coaches Expectations

4.1 Must submit a roster prior to the start of the match (3 Copies on paper, 1 for Referee, 1 for opponent) - Mandatory or Match will not start.

4.2 Only players listed on roster will be allowed entrance to match facilities

4.3 All players must be in proper uniform at all times

4.4 Accepts full responsibility for actions and behavior of team

4.5 Insure all players remain at the field area only.

4.6 Insure all players respect staff, volunteers and visitors at all facilities

4.7 Failure to meet these expectation may result in removal and/or suspension of activities pending a review.

*Rules and guidelines subject to change. Teams will be notified by League Director in writing of any changes. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in a penalty of match forfeiture and up to removal from the league for 1 calendar year.