Dodgeball League

Dodgeball League

Coed dodgeball league in Myrtle Beach, SC


Regular & Team Deadline

$45 closes Dec 27

Late Registration

$55 closes Jan 19
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Classic indoor Dodgeball, just like you remember from middle school. Everplay's Dodgeball is Co-Ed, 8 vs. 8 and fast-paced. We play with an 8.5-inch rubber coated foam balls - enough to get some speed behind, but not enough to hurt when they hit.

This league features:

Games on ______ Nights between 6:30 and 9:00 (your game time will vary week to week).
Sign up by yourself, with a group of friends or as a whole team
Co-ed, over-21 play
Official MyrtleSSC T-Shirt (your uniform for the season!)
7 game + Playoffs for Qualifying Teams
Independent professional referees for each game.
Socializing at the bar after the games

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