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Adults Program

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Age 18+

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Pallen’s Martial Arts Association History

Pallen’s Martial Arts began in Oakland, CA in 1968. As we celebrated over 40 years, we look back and saw a karate school which not only grew, but evolved as well. In the beginning we were Pallen’s Kenpo Karate and taught traditional Kenpo only. In the 70’s, we expanded to Kajukenbo which incorporates traditional karate, judo, kenpo and chinese boxing (kung fu). Kajukenbo is a balanced martial art using both hand and foot techniques, mat work (including throws, rolls, and falls), traditional forms, as well as the art of self-defense through punching attack & grab art defenses. In the 80’s, we added the Philippine Martial Art in our curriculum; which the Pallens are one of the first martial arts schools to practice in the United States. In the the 90’s, Tae Kwon Do was incorporated within our system, which enhanced our flexibility and usage of our legs. Coming into the 21st century, we added Cardio Kickboxing, which provides the high impact cardiovascular benefits of the martial arts. We continue to evolve by implementing Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, which is very effective and in demand, due to the popularity of the growing sport of MMA. The Pallen Family is proud to offer you this unique martial arts program and share our diverse accumulation of knowledge.

Character Building Program

Our staff of black belt instructors, along with qualified assistants, are here to guide you toward greater self-confidence and discipline as you improve your coordination, balance, flexibility and strength. Our program will help you develop cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone, increased confidence, mental discipline, self-defense abilities and more. At the beginning level, we stress the building of a good character and citizenship, the ability to set and attain goals, and the importance of respect. All this is taught while teaching the basic foundation of martial arts. Our main goal is to enhance your self-esteem and character. At the same time you will develop a sense of respect for others, for authority and most importantly; themselves.

Professor Jordan Pallen- Master Instructor of Pallen’s Martial Arts Association

Jordan Pallen is an 8th degree black belt and a successful world and national black belt competitor. He is a two time World Stickfighting Champion and a three time National Stickfighting Champion. In 1998, Jordan was ranked the #1 Super Heavyweight Champion in the National Black Belt League, a prestigious national open karate league. In 2003, Professor Jordan Pallen was inducted in the Masters Hall of Fame in Los Angeles. Presently, he is the successor of Grandmaster Max M. Pallen Sr., Founder of Senkotiros, following his footsteps towards mastery of the single stick and close quarter combat. In 2005, Monolith Production motion captured his skills in the Philippine martial arts for their Xbox 360 game, “Condemned: Criminal Origins”. He is also co-president of the non-profit organization, AMAPA, which helps underprivileged kids through martial arts training and competition.

Professor Jordan Pallen’s teaching experience includes instruction at all levels at the Pallen’s Martial Arts in San Leandro, CA since 1983, specializing with children. Professor Jordan’s philosophy is that children learn best in a fun AND structured environment. The “fun” is essential in order to maintain a child’s motivation to learn. The “structure” is important in order to teach a child discipline and responsibility. Professor Jordan has been providing many of San Leandro’s elementary schools with exciting and innovative martial arts after school program since 1998. Professor Jordan holds a black belt in Kenpo, Tae Kwon Do and the Philippine Martial Arts. He studied at California State University, Hayward, where he underwent the physical education program with an emphasis on athletic training. Professor Jordan Pallen is a strong advocate of family values, discipline, respect and community service.

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