Soccer United League Waiver

Created by Soccer United League
Jul 3

Although the safety of all sport activities is the primary concern, outdoor sport activities at Soccer United League facilities may cause injuries and/or death. I expressly assume the risk of injury, death, and/or illness arising from any cause, and
agree to waive the right to pursue any claim against the Soccer United League Association and the persons in charge.
I understand that my organization does not offer accident medical insurance.
I understand that this is a physical sport and i can get injured.
I understand that the referee has the final call, and i will respect the final call.
I understand that me and my family will not get involved and any play decision made and will respect the organization and their staffs on the field and out the field.
I understand that the referee is doing his/her best to make sure he calls all the fouls and that not all fouls will be called.

· Dress appropriately with all soccer gear.
· Teams 7 on 7 must have 9 to Qualified
. You provide your own full uniforms or same color
· The league organizers reserve the right to Disqualified a team for not following the rules.
· Fee: $65.00 per participant 8 games plus playoffs, and weekly statistics.
_$25 fee for technical fouls to ensure proper sportsmanship. We are here to develop players and let them have fun with
the game of soccer.