2020 3-on-3 Tournament

2020 3-on-3 Tournament

Boys Grades 3 - 8, Girls Grades 5 - 8. Please click below to register and pay with credit card. Scroll further down for rules.


3rd Grade Boys

$60 5 remaining closes Mar 14

4th Grade Boys

$60 Sold Out closes Mar 14

5th Grade Boys

$60 7 remaining closes Mar 14

6th Grade Boys

$60 4 remaining closes Mar 14

7th Grade Boys

$60 7 remaining closes Mar 14

8th Grade Boys

$60 7 remaining closes Mar 14

5th Grade Girls

$60 4 remaining closes Mar 14

6th Grade Girls

$60 4 remaining closes Mar 14

7th Grade Girls

$60 5 remaining closes Mar 14

8th Grade Girls

$60 6 remaining closes Mar 14

Availability 47 remaining

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9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
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Saturday Age 7-15



3 on 3 Rules and Regulations

  1. Games will be to 15 points or 15 minutes, whichever comes first. You have to win by 1 point. Two point baskets count as 1, three point baskets count as 2. In the case of a tie each team will shoot alternating free throws until someone misses. If the Team #1 misses, Team #2 must make their free throw to win or vice versa. All players on each team will alternate when shooting.

  2. On the 6th team foul and each foul thereafter, 1 point will be awarded, possession will change, and the foul is recorded. If a player is in the act of shooting and the ball goes in they will get their point for the made basket and an extra 1 point is awarded for the foul. At that time possession changes and the foul is recorded.

  3. When a player is fouled prior to the 6th team foul, the foul will be recorded and the ball will be checked back to the non-penalized team. If the fouled player is shooting and makes the basket they will get their point(s) for the basket and possession will change at that time. You will not receive points and possession.

  4. All common fouls, violations, jump balls, and made baskets will be played out of bounds behind the designated check in line for that court (top of 3 point line). The ball must be “checked in politely” by an opposing player before the ball is entered.

  5. On every change of possession (rebound, steals, and loose balls) the ball must be taken back behind the designated line (3 point line). Both feet must touch outside the 3 point arc. If both feet do not touch outside the arc and the ball is advanced toward the basket, it is considered a violation and will result in a turnover. No “free” backs.

  6. A jump ball will be awarded to the defense.

  7. A coin flip or “odd/even” will determine the first possession.

  8. The ball is “live” when it is checked in. It does not need to be passed in.

  9. Substitution is permitted only on a dead ball or after a made basket.

  10. Any flagrant fouls could result in an individual or team disqualification.

  11. Be at your court 10 minutes early to check in.

  12. Each team is guaranteed 3-4 games (a bye or forfeit is considered a game). Grades may be combined depending on the number of entries. Younger players may play up a grade level but not down in younger divisions. We may cancel any grade level due to lack of teams.

  13. Each team is responsible for their own shirts or uniform tops.

  14. Five minute warm-up time will be allowed between games, subject to change, to remain on schedule.

  15. Only players in upcoming games will be allowed to warm-up. No dribbling in the gym or loose balls while games are going on.

  16. Each team will be allowed 2 timeouts per game. The clock will stop for timeouts and injuries.

  17. No Stalling will be allowed. If at any time during the game, the referee determines stalling tactics are being used, he/she will warn the offensive team and they will have 10 seconds to shoot the ball. If no shot is taken, it will result in a turnover. Please try to beat your opponent by reaching 15 and then the stalling rule will not have to be used. A second stalling call will result in a technical foul. (A technical foul will result in one point awarded, a team foul recorded, and possession to the offended team.)

  18. Scoring person will bring the score sheets to the bracket area. However, both teams should visit the bracket area after every game to be sure of their next game time and location.

  19. Destruction of property by any member or team shall disqualify that team.