Sunday Club League

Sunday Club League

Coed table tennis league in San Francisco, CA





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The league was started for the coach to evaluate STTC students in a competitive setting; if and how they are using new skills and tactics. The league is open to all who wants to play. Awards and prizes are given at end of each season for players with the best won/lost records and most improved.

The players are grouped into 5-7 man round-robins based on their rating and previous record. The winner(s) of each group, with the best won/lost record, gets to advance to the next higher group if the player comes for the following league. The player(s) with the worst won/lost record gets dropped to the next lower group.

If the player is new and or doesn’t have an established USATT or club rating, the player is given an estimated rating and seeded in the appropriate group and given a *club rating after the league results.

If you plan to play in the league, please come or call-in before 3:00pm; league starts at 3:30.

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