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Getting started with Website Builder

Create a free website for your sports organization. Customize the design and add a background image. Easily add pages, upload files and set a custom link.

Support Building your website Getting started with Website Builder

What's a website on Playpass?

Your website is your organization's home on Playpass. All your schedules and activities for registration can be shown on it.

Your website comes automatically with about and search pages. You can also add custom pages that appear like a blog post, in the footer, during registration, or in any combination of places.

Create your website

First, create a website by entering your organization's name and location.
website builder

Edit your homepage

Next, you'll be viewing your homepage in Manage mode. Tap Edit to be able to add logos and change the design. This is only visible to you and, and any managers you add. Let's go through it step by step:

edit homepage

Add logos and customize the design

What's a square logo icon?

The square logo icon will appear in the footer of everything you create.

Also with the Business plan, the square logo will appear in browser tabs. See our demo site: Your Sports Club.

Add Sections to your homepage

You can order and group content on your homepage by creating sections and adding item to them like league schedules, tournament registration pages, and more.

  • First, create a section.
  • Then, add items to the section

You can re-order the items to have the exact order you want.

Note: If you have any sections visible on your homepage, it will replace the default homepage view that shows everything published.

More settings

From Dashboard > Settings you can change your organization's name, add a tagline, and add a description that will appear on your website.

organization settings

Set a Custom Link to shorten and customize your link on Playpass. For example:

Create a page

From the Create menu or from Dashboard > Website > Pages you can create a new page.

Then for Edit your page > Visibility you can control where each page appears: on your homepage, as a footer link, or during registration as something that players must agree to.

Here are some quick page examples, and where you might want each to appear:

  • Terms & Conditions - appear as footer link and during registration
  • Rules - appear on homepage, footer link, and during registration
  • Winter season promotion (landing page) - homepage only

Want to see it in action? Check out our new demo site Your Sports Club to see pages, schedules, registration activities, waivers and even coupons. Your site can look as good, if not better.

logo icon

Above is an example Sportsmanship Code page. Note the organization's logo at top and square logo icon in the browser tab (top left)

Upload files and docs

From Dashboard > Website > Uploads you can upload files and docs.

You can upload nearly any file and doc to share with your players. Here are the accepted file formats: PDF, DOC, spreadsheet (XLS, CSV), or image (JPG, PNG, GIF). Less than 5MB in size.

Just like pages (above), your uploads will have their link you can share. Unlike pages, you can't edit an upload. But it's easy to delete one and upload a new version.

Uploads can be added to any of your schedules, registration activities or pages with 1 click, in any of these ways:

  1. From the Upload itself go to Visibility and click Add.
  2. From any schedule, registration activity or page go to Edit > Advanced and click Add an uploaded file.

What's next?