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Getting started with Referrals

Create a Referral Program to reward your members for inviting their friends. Help your biggest fans, your current players, become your marketing team. We track everything for you and automatically give out rewards.

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How it works

Here's how your Referral Program works on Playpass:

  1. You create a Referral Program
  2. We give your members a personal invite link
  3. They share it with their friends
  4. Their friends join via the link
  5. We track everything for you
  6. We give out rewards automatically
  7. We promote your Referral Program to the next new member

Create a Referral Program

First off, create a Referral Program by setting up a reward for each referral and an offer for each friend invited.

Reward for referral

This is the reward you give to your current members to invite their friends.
In order to receive credit, the friend will have to sign up through the player's referral link any then pay for any registration activity.

Offer for friend

This is the offer for friends that join from your member's invite link. The friend (your new customer) will receive this amount as a one-time credit for the first registration activity they pay for.

create Referral Program

You can change both anytime you like. Changes go into effect immediately for all new referrals.

View and edit your Referral Program

As soon as you create your Referral Program, you'll be taken to its landing page. This page has all the details of your program.

Your current members will see this page and be encouraged to invite their friends, with their personal invite link.

From the top of the page, you can edit your Referral Program's reward, offer, the number of days the offer is valid, its visibility and more.

Promote your Referral Program to current members

Tap the Share link from the top of your Referral Program. Or from the Dashboard, copy the Referral Program link and then send it to all of your members.

You can specifically set where your Referral Program is promoted, from Edit > Visibility:

  • your homepage
  • registration activities and other pages
  • the footer
  • registration confirmation emails

When a member shares their personal invite link, their friends will visit a landing page with your logo and the offer for them to join.

referral invite landing page

Redeeming Reward and Offers

Rewards and offers are automatically applied to the next purchase that the member or referred friend make.

They'll see the discount applied during checkout to help encourage them to register online and pay.

Tracking referrals

Your Referral Program Dashboard helps you keep track of everything.

Referral Program dashboard


How much should I reward and offer?

  • It depends on your prices, but we've seen the best Referral Programs offer something meaningful to both sides (the current member referring and their friend they invited). They don't have to be the same. You could offer $25 for current members to invite their friends and $15 for those friends to join, for example.

How can I pause or stop my Referral Program?

  • From the Referral Program go to Edit > Visibility and select Unpublish. That will turn off your Referral Program and anyone visiting the links for it will be told that the program has ended. You can turn it back on at any time just by tapping Publish.

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