Distance Casting Workshop

Distance Casting Workshop

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Fly Fishing in Texas

Often when I’m fishing at a nearby local park pond, or practicing my casting on the grass at the park, people will ask me what kind of fish can you catch on a fly rod in Texas. Without a thought, I respond, “Any Texas fish you can catch on conventional tackle, you can catch on a fly rod!” They’re usually surprised, because the conventional image of fly fishing and fly casting is trout fishing in the mountain streams, not of a fly fisherman floating down a Central Texas stream in a kayak, canoe or pontoon boat, casting to the shore and brush for our many varieties of bass and perch. We even have a respectable trout fishery for a southern state – the Guadalupe River. Texas fly fisherman share the coastal bays, shores and deep water with conventional fisherman stalking redfish, sea trout , flounder, tarpon and more. We have an abundance of diversity available for fly fishing.

At the Texas Fly Fishing School, we provide fly fishing and casting education to match the diversity of the Texas fly fisher, from beginning casting workshops to specialized clinics to match the needs of a redfish, bass or trout fisherman. We teach fundamentals that apply across the different fly fishing applications and offer instruction on the unique aspects of targeting individual fish species. Instruction is available to individuals and groups.

Please review what we have to offer the fly fishers in Texas, come back often to see what’s new and feel free to send us your inquiries and comments.

Fish On! David Lemke

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