Double Haul Clinic

Double Haul Clinic

Coed fishing class in Houston, TX


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One of the essential tools needed by most flycasters is the double haul. Its power in increasing line speed and distance to the cast makes it the cast that flycasters ultimately need to be able to perform to achieve greater control over their fly line. Once learned, many experience casters find it difficult to stop hauling.

This short clinic is designed to give the intermediate casting student the ability to use hauling techniques in their everyday casting and to start casting greater distances than can be achieved with a single hand cast.
You will learn to:

Single haul, used to increase rod load and line speed in one direction; the
Double haul, which is a haul on the back cast and a haul on the forward cast; and
Shoot line properly in conjunction with the haul to get the desired results - a well directed, tight loop at a greater distance than could be achieved without the haul.

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