Sailing School

Sailing School

Coed sailing class in San Francisco, CA


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10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
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Daily Age 18+

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The San Francisco Sailing Company was created to fill a need that exists in San Francisco. We are a fun and friendly, customer oriented sailboat charter service and sailing tour company. We pride ourselves on providing the most flexible and personal sailboat charters in San Francisco. We have captains ready everyday which means we can take you sailing today. With sailboats for 1 to 36 passengers we are perfect for any event. In the heart of San Francisco, we sail the finest yachts and offer the best rates.
Our commitment to customer satisfaction shows in our flexibility. We are the only sailboat charter service offering charters as short as 2 hours. You and up to 5 more friends can sail the bay on your own private yacht for as little as $340 or you can take a 90 mintue sailing tour for as little as $45

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