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Create a Referral Program

Product Updates Create a Referral Program

We're excited to launch Referral Program: an easy way to reward your members for inviting their friends.

Now you can grow faster with your own refer a friend program. Help your biggest fans, your current members, become your marketing team.

When you create a Referral Program, each of your members gets a personal invite link they can share with friends. You decide what to rewards to offer. We track everything for you and automatically give out rewards.

Just like our Registration solution, Referral Program is available on all plans from Free to Pro. The difference between plans is the referral fee, ranging from 2% - 15%. It's only charged for the first three purchases a referred member makes.

Here's how it looks to receive an invite from a member.
refferal program invite

And here's the Referral Program dashboard including stats for visits, referrals, registrations and revenue.

referral program dashboard

Ready to get started? Create a Referral Program or learn more in our guide to Getting started with Referrals.