Product updates

Update to All Products 10 days ago

Welcome to our new Product updates page. Here we'll post about new features and improvements our products for organizers: Scheduler, Registration, and Website Builder.

product updates

Learn more about recent product updates below.

Schedule photos & team logos

Update to Scheduler 16 days ago

Now you can add a photo to your schedule and a logo for every team. Schedule photos will appear on your homepage and team logos will appear in the standings and on each team's page.

schedule photos

Extra: every schedule, activity, and your homepage have a subtitle (or tagline) that you can use to give extra info in addition to the title (or name).


Update to Registration 19 days ago

Now from Manage > Members, you can view all of your organization's members in one place and search through them quickly. Members is grouped with Registrations and Payments, to give you a great overview of your organization.


Both Members and Registrations let you switch from a list view to a table view, which allows sorting by any column of data. Like everything we build, Members works great on mobile and desktop (try table view - widescreen).

Focusing on your organization

Update to Website 24 days ago

Our design now puts your organization at the front and center of Playpass.

Your new organization homepage focuses on your brand, activities, and schedules. Now there are also search and about pages to help your members search within your organization only, and learn more about the people running it.

Your logo appears at the top of everything you create. Click Preview to see how it will look to your members -- with your logo in the navbar.

Many organizers have their own websites, but a growing number don't. They save on web hosting fees and send all their members to their homepage like and

Set your own Custom Link from your homepage > Edit > Advanced. We'll be launching options to customize your website's design, colors, and more soon.

Visibility controls: Publish

Update to All Products Sep 17

We're giving you more control over the visibility of your schedules and activities. Starting now, everything you create begins as a draft, ie. it's not published.

When you're ready, Publish it to let anyone view it.

Go to Edit > Advanced to find more visibility controls.

New navbar and design

Update to All Products Sep 7

We launched a new navbar to help you get things done, faster.

  • On the left are action links to Edit, Preview, Share, etc., that are only visible on pages you can edit.
  • On the right are dropdown menus to Create and Manage, that are always visible.


This new Manage dropdown is visible on every page and replaces the old Dashboard. Once you're viewing something in Manage, you can use the dropdown arrow below each item for quick actions like Copy and Delete.

design manage

The overall goal of the redesign was to make Playpass even easier to use and faster. Headings are bolder, buttons rounder and backgrounds lighter. Everything should load more quickly on your phone, tablet and desktop thanks to native fonts built into each device.

As always, we'd love your feedback at

Help docs

Update to All Products Aug 26

Our newly launched Help Docs give you more help, any time you need it. Check out our new Scheduler guide for a full walkthrough of scheduling on Playpass.

help docs


Update to Registration Aug 11

We're excited to launch Coupons. Create a coupon to offer discounts to your members during online registration for your activities.

Per coupon, you can set a discount, redemption code, expiration date, and redemption limit.

Coupons can be used any way you like. You can reward loyal members with a discount. Or add coupon codes to a marketing campaign to attract new members. Or give a discount discretely to those who can't afford to pay full price. It's up to you.



Update to Registration Jul 28

From Payments, you can view the balance available, balance pending and net amount you've received from registrations for your activities.

If you have manual payouts enabled, with 1 click you send funds to your bank. Automatic payouts occur automatically 1-3x weekly.


Registration cards

Update to Registration Jul 18

We made it easier for your customers to register and pay for your activities. Now when they enter their card info they get more visual feedback. They can also save their card for future purchases to speed up future registrations.

card form

A reminder that sensitive information never touches our servers. We keep you and your customers safe by processing all payments through Stripe, a leader in online payments.


Update to All Products Jul 15

From Billing, easily view your current plan and upgrade or cancel it.

If you upgrade from a paid plan to one with more features, you'll be shown and charged only the difference in prices.


Update to Registration Jun 28

Now when you create a refund from Registrations, both you and your customer get a confirmation email. The email also lets your customer know to expect the refund in 5-10 business days depending on their bank.


Update to Registration May 28

View all your Registrations on one page. You can easily filter them by activity, search for a customer, or download your registrations.

Edit your schedule

Update to Scheduler May 24

Edit your schedule, on top of your schedules, now has collapsible sections to control everything in one place: courts, groups, games, dates, times and more.

Edit your schedule

Pricing page

Update to All Products May 13

The new pricing page helps make clear our growing list of features for paid plans and how they compare with our free plans: Scheduler Free and Registration Free.


Deleted schedules

Update to Scheduler May 8

Now when someone visits a schedule you've deleted they're no longer told that we can't find that schedule. More helpfully they're told that it's gone and referred to your homepage, where they can ideally find the latest version.

Schedules easier to find

Update to Website Apr 14

Your schedules are now listed on your organizer profile, along with your activities for registration.

Now you can share just one link with your members: the link for your organizer profile.

Registration Pro

Update to Registration Apr 11

We're launching Registration Pro with more features for larger sports organizations. This new pricing plan includes a reduced 0.5% charge on payments processed and payouts up to 3x weekly. More info on our Pricing page.

Previous updates

Update to All Products Mar 31

Many wonderful product updates happened before April 2016, but they are not listed here.

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