Product Updates

New features to help you do more with Playpass

Easier to filter and download signed waivers

Since we launched Waivers, thousands have been signed and stored securely.

Now you can filter your signed waivers by waiver template. And just like with Registrations, you can download a spreadsheet to keep track of who signed which waivers.

filter download signed waivers

A new design for schedules

We're excited to preview a new design for your schedules. Visit any round robin (league) schedule and tap "Try it now" above the first game.

Old design

old schedule design

New design

new schedule design

What's new

  • Date headings to group games on the same day together
  • Right side menu to edit or delete a game
  • Faster loading of your schedule's games
  • Faster to change game dates, schedule no longer reloads
  • Local language and date format, from your web browser's preferences

Local language and date format, example in Spanish

new schedule design

We'll gather your feedback and keep improving this new design. So let us know what you think.

Questions for registration, more powerful

Adding questions is an easy way to gather more info from your players while using Playpass for online registration. Today, we're excited to announce some BIG improvements.

Starting now you can

  • create global questions for all registration activities
  • create specific questions only for 1 registration activity
  • make your questions optional or required
  • reorder questions
  • include gender as required, along with birth date and phone number

Gather answers as text or let players

  • enter numbers only
  • check a box
  • select from a list
  • select a date
  • upload a file

Questions are now a really powerful way to get all the info you need from your players when they register. Also, just like with Signed Waivers, we encrypt the files your players upload and store them securely online.

Get started now and create a new question for registration.

registration new question

Add your staff members

Now you can invite staff members to help you manage everything on Playpass. Adding your staff lets you share the workload. They can help you update scores on schedules, manage registrations, and more.

Staff member roles

  • Scorekeeper - update schedule scores
  • Scheduling Helper - manage schedules
  • Registration Helper - manage registration, referrals, and waivers
  • Manager - manage everything, add more staff members
  • Owner - manage everything, billing, and settings

add staff

From Manage Members > Staff you can invite anyone as a staff member now. Learn more in our quick guide about Adding staff members.

Import your members

Now you can import your members directly into Playpass. It's easy to upload them or paste them into our import wizard from any spreadsheet.

Especially when you create your own Referral Program, you'll want to import your existing members. That way, you're only rewarding new members who join.

Also, you can choose to register members for any activity while you import them.

Get started importing your members now from Manage Members.

import members

Create a Referral Program

We're excited to launch Referral Program: an easy way to reward your members for inviting their friends.

Now you can grow faster with your own refer a friend program. Help your biggest fans, your current members, become your marketing team.

When you create a Referral Program, each of your members gets a personal invite link they can share with friends. You decide what to rewards to offer. We track everything for you and automatically give out rewards.

Just like our Registration solution, Referral Program is available on all plans from Free to Pro. The difference between plans is the referral fee, ranging from 2% - 15%. It's only charged for the first three purchases a referred member makes.

Here's how it looks to receive an invite from a member.
refferal program invite

And here's the Referral Program dashboard including stats for visits, referrals, registrations and revenue.

referral program dashboard

Ready to get started? Create a Referral Program or learn more in our guide to Getting started with Referrals.

Search your signed waivers

Waivers let you collect signed liability forms and documents, and then store them securely online.

Hundreds of waivers have been created and signed in the few weeks since we launched Waivers.

Now, we've added a handy search box to help you quickly find a signed waiver.

search signed waivers

Let players print your schedules

Now you can allow players to print your schedules.

Usually, the best way to share schedules is online: tap Share for a link that players can use to view your schedule on their phones, tablets, and computers.

You can even update scores from your mobile, so everyone can view the results in real time.

But, in those cases when printing (or saving as a PDF) is best, now from Edit > Advanced you can allow anyone viewing to print it. Note: printing still requires the Lite plan at least.

print schedules for players

Your new Guide to getting set up

Visit your new Setup Guide to help get started on Playpass.

From creating your first schedule to publishing your homepage. It's your checklist to get the most out of our solutions for scheduling, registration, waivers, and building your website.

setup guide

You don't need to complete every step right away. The Setup Guide is there for you, whenever you need it. So come back to it anytime to discover more ways Playpass can make your life easier.

setup guide

Introducing Waivers

We're excited to launch Waivers, an easy way to collect signed forms and documents, and then store them securely online.

To create a waiver, you can upload your existing release of liability form or waiver. Or you can paste your waiver's content online.

Then decide how you want players to sign or acknowledge your waiver:

  • Check a box
  • Type their initials
  • Type their name
  • Upload a signed copy

Next share your waiver with players. You can share it directly, or attach it to online registration.

Attach as many waivers as you need to registration activities. Then your players will fill out just one form to give you their registration information, sign your waivers, and pay you online!


In addition to checking a box or typing their initials, you can have players upload a completed form. Used like this, Waivers can help you collect other signed documents and completed forms.

signed waiver form

After they've signed your waiver you can verify their information. Your player's signed waiver file is encrypted and securely stored online.

verify waiver

Set up registration faster

Now there's a faster way to set up registration with everything you need to set prices, discounts, questions, waivers and more in one place.

You can quickly find it from Manage Registration and click either Set up registration or the price range below any activity.

set up registration link

The Set Up Registration page lets you quickly adjust Prices, Discounts, Questions, Waivers, and more options.

Best of all, lower on the page, you can preview how the prices and registration form will look to your players.

set up registration options

Learn more in our updated Getting started with Registration guide.

More homepage designs

Now you can customize the look of your homepage with a background image, plus change the size, alignment and control what's visible.

Click Design from the top left of your homepage.

customize design link

You'll see your design options. Next, upload an image. Then, choose the homepage size, alignment, and layout.

design options

Now it's easy to have a customized homepage design with more color. Get started changing your design from here.

design background image

Pay in your local currency for Playpass

From California, Playpass is proud to assist organizations in every US State and Canadian province and 144 countries around the world.

Now, we support billing in $, €, £, ₹, ₱, ¥, and over 100 currencies, from dollars to euros, pesos, pounds, rupees, ringgit, yen and yuan.

For our Lite, Standard and Pro customers overseas, this means no more dealing with foreign exchange rates or international transaction fees.

Visit our pricing page to see prices in your local currency.

If you're already paying for a plan and want to switch to your local currency, let us know at

global organizers using Playpass

Accept payments in 24 new countries from Canada to Australia

Playpass Registration lets sports organizations accept payments online without hassle and low fees of 0% - 3%. But, until now you had to have a bank account in the United States.

Today we're extending Playpass Registration to all 25 countries that Stripe supports: US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and 16 European countries.

Get started accepting payments online by clicking the blue Connect With Stripe button from Settings. Or visit our quick guide to Accepting payments online with Stripe.

Stripe payment countries

Registration payments with Stripe

If you're looking to accept payments online for registrations, we have a great update for you. Now you can decide whether to pass on card processing fees or absorb them, plus view more detailed reporting.

To get started, click the blue Connect With Stripe button from Manage Registration: Payments, or the top of any activity.

Stripe Connect

We'll pre-fill Stripe's 1-page form that's quick to fill out. Once it's done you'll be redirected back to Manage Registration > Payments and that's it. You're all set. You'll receive payments directly from anyone who registers and pays online for your activities on Playpass.

The new default is to absorb card processing fees (ie. not pass them on) to players as they register. You can change this overall from Manage Website > Settings > Payments.

edit payment settings

From Manage Registration > Payments you'll have a link to your new Stripe payments dashboard with its advanced reporting tools.

stripe dashboard

Want more info? Visit out our new guide Accepting payments online with Stripe.

Have questions or need help? We're ready to assist at

Registration reports

We're excited to launch Registration Reports for activities on Playpass, a great addition to the recently launched Schedule Reports.

Registration Reports show you who started but never finished registration (ie. "abandoned" registration), so you can follow up. It's a really powerful tool for reaching out to anyone who was interested but for whatever reason didn't yet register.

They also show a timeline of registrations and a timeline with the amount of payments collected.

Find a link to Reports from any activity in Edit > Advanced > View reports. Or the new Reports link above the Registration section of your activity. Or below each activity listed in Manage > Activities.

Registration Reports

Payments report

Schedule reports

Now with Schedule Reports you get an overview of your schedule's games by team, time and timeslot.

Find a link to Reports from any schedule in Edit > Advanced > View reports. Or the new Reports link above your first game. Or below each schedule listed in Manage > Schedules.

Link to Schedule Reports

Reports lets you double-check that your schedule is balanced across courts/fields, timeslots and home vs away games. Also it's a real time-saver for sanity-checking your schedule if you make a lot of manual changes.

Schedule Reports

Reviews for schedules

Reviews and ratings are a great way to showcase feedback from your current customers and help you attract new ones.

Now you can enable reviews on any schedule, in addition to your activities for registration. From below any schedule click the "Enable reviews" link. That's also where you can upload files to add to your schedule. Or find it in your Settings > Advanced.

Reviews are visible per schedule and showcased on your organization's About page.


Registration receipts

When players register for your activities, they'll now view a confirmation page as soon as they pay saying "Thank you".

This registration receipt shows what was paid for and any info entered during registration. It's viewable by the players (My registrations) and any managers from your organization (Manage > Registrations).

Need to print or update any info? Now it's easier to do both!

Lastly, when you add a Post-registration link from Activities > Edit > Advanced there will be a large prompt for your players to take the "Next Step" and visit your post-registration link.

registration receipt


Now it's even easier to add other members of your organization to help you manage everything on Playpass.

From Managers when you add a manager, they'll now receive an email with easy log in instructions. That's it! They're ready to help you out: adding scores, tracking registrations, posting new leagues, and more.

add a manager