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Introducing Waivers

Product Updates Introducing Waivers

We're excited to launch Waivers, an easy way to collect signed forms and documents, and then store them securely online.

To create a waiver, you can upload your existing release of liability form or waiver. Or you can paste your waiver's content online.

Then decide how you want players to sign or acknowledge your waiver:

  • Check a box
  • Type their initials
  • Type their name
  • Upload a signed copy

Next share your waiver with players. You can share it directly, or attach it to online registration.

Attach as many waivers as you need to registration activities. Then your players will fill out just one form to give you their registration information, sign your waivers, and pay you online!


In addition to checking a box or typing their initials, you can have players upload a completed form. Used like this, Waivers can help you collect other signed documents and completed forms.

signed waiver form

After they've signed your waiver you can verify their information. Your player's signed waiver file is encrypted and securely stored online.

verify waiver