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Questions for registration, more powerful

Product Updates Questions for registration, more powerful

Adding questions is an easy way to gather more info from your players while using Playpass for online registration. Today, we're excited to announce some BIG improvements.

Starting now you can

  • create global questions for all registration activities
  • create specific questions only for 1 registration activity
  • make your questions optional or required
  • reorder questions
  • include gender as required, along with birth date and phone number

Gather answers as text or let players

  • enter numbers only
  • check a box
  • select from a list
  • select a date
  • upload a file

Questions are now a really powerful way to get all the info you need from your players when they register. Also, just like with Signed Waivers, we encrypt the files your players upload and store them securely online.

Get started now and create a new question for registration.

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