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Getting started with Registration

Create a registration activity to accept online registrations and payments. Set up prices, discounts, questions, waivers and more. Share it online and easily manage payments for your league, tournament, or club.

What's a registration activity?

On Playpass, a registration activity is what you use to register players online with Playpass Registration. Activities can be a camp, class, club, event, league, pickup game, tournament or training.

Create a registration activity

First, create a registration activity by selecting a sport and the type of activity.

create activity

Set up registration

After you created a registration activity, you'll be on it's main page. From their click Set up registration in the Registration section

Now, on the Set up registration page you'll be able to set prices, discounts, questions, waivers and more for online registration.

set up registration options


Here you will want to add Price options for your players to register.

Give each option a name and price. Optionally limit the quantity or end date.

To accept online payments, you'll want to click the Connect with Stripe button. The setup takes 1 minute. More information in our quick guide to Accepting payments online with Stripe


Use the checkbox allow coupon discounts for this registration activity.

Click the links to Manage coupons or Create a coupon. Per coupon you can set a discount amount or percent off and a redemption code, expiration date, and redemption limit


Gather more information from players be creating custom questions.

Some examples of questions you might ask are: Team Name, Team Captain, Shirt Size, How Did You Hear About Us, etc.

All information you gather in questions is available in the table view on Manage Registrations and when you Download registrations.


Create waivers to collect signatures and signed documents and then store them securely online.

Per registration activity, you can show all waivers that you've published or select individual ones.

You can verify information and view your signed waivers from Manage Waivers

More options

Here you can limit the total availability across all price options. Useful if you have many price options and can only accept 20 players total, for example.

You can set a post-registration link, that players will be prompted to visit from their Registration receipt page. A good use of this is a Thank you page with Things you should know before the activity begins.


On the Set up registration page, below the sections above are 2 areas where you can quickly preview exactly how the prices and registration form will look to your players.

Publish and share

Be sure to Publish your registration activity from the top its main page. This let's other view it and register online, plus it will now appear on your Homepage on Playpass.


From Manage Registrations you can view everyone who registers and give a refund if necessary.

Just use the dropdown menu to Edit, Print, Cancel or Refund their registration.

What's next?

Are you a sports manager? Save time and stress with our schedule maker, registration software, waiver solution, and website builder.