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Getting started with Scheduler

Create a schedule for a league round robin, elimination tournament, or combine them together. Customize it and share it with players. Easily update scores and track standings online.

Help Docs Scheduling your players and teams Getting started with Scheduler

Terminology note: Below we use terms specific to basketball like court, game, and point. Make a soccer schedule and you'll see field, match, and goal. Every sport on Playpass has its own terms, so please tell us if we're missing yours.

Create a schedule

First, create a schedule by selecting a sport, the number of teams (or players) and the type of schedule.

create a schedule

What type of schedule can I make?

  1. Round Robin: teams play a set number of games against other teams in their group
  2. Single Elimination: teams keep playing until they lose 1 game
  3. Double Elimination: teams keep playing until they lose 2 games

Tip: You can add an Elimination (single or double) to any Round Robin. Just tap Add Playoffs from the bottom of any League Round Robin schedule.

Customize your schedule

Next, you'll be viewing your schedule. Above your schedule is a section that only you, and any managers you add, can see or edit called Edit your schedule. Let's go through it step by step:

Courts and Groups

You can skip this section unless you have multiple courts and lot of teams.

  • Courts: number of courts you'll play games on
    • Courts appear on the schedule only if you set this to 2 or more. You can Rename courts from Edit your schedule > Advanced.
  • Groups: (Round Robin only) number of groups or divisions you'll divide your teams into
    • Each team only plays teams in their group. Tip: if you have more than 1 group and those teams are not going to play each other, then make a separate schedule for each group. Note: setting a different number of teams per group is not possible (yet, it's coming soon!).
  • Rest between games: (Lite plan feature) most useful for 1 or 2 day events to have games be back-to-back (minimum rest) or not

schedule courts and groups

Rounds, dates and times

Set dates, times and games per team (Round Robin only). After this initial setup, you can also manually change your schedule.

  • Rounds of play: (Round Robin only) number of times (rounds) a team plays everyone else
    • 1 round = each team plays every other team in their group once. Example: If a group has 6 teams, 1 round would be 5 games per team. 2 rounds = play every other team 2x each, 3 rounds = 3x, etc. More rounds = more games per team and a longer schedule. If you need a precise number of games per team, select Custom games per team.
  • Custom games per team: (Round Robin only) number of total games per team
  • Start date: date that games begin
  • Days games are played: days of the week you typically play games
  • Daily games per court: number of games per court per day
    • If you have more than 1 court, double check this. 2 games per court per day with 3 courts, for example, would be 6 games total each day.
  • Start time: time that games typically begin
  • Game duration: how long games last in minutes
    • This sets your schedules initial time slots so be sure to include breaks. Example: if games are 60min with a 15min break, set it to 75min.

Note: we promise it's easier than looking at this screenshot below. Give it a try yourself!

schedule rounds, dates and times

Rename everything

You can rename every team, court, group and the schedule itself. Tap or click on these things underlined in blue to rename them:

  1. Name of the schedule
  2. Team names: from Standings (Round Robin) or from the schedule (Elimination)
  3. Group names: (Round Robin only)
  4. Court names: from Edit your Schedule > Advanced > Rename courts

rename teams, groups, courts

Manually change your schedule

You can change the details of any game on the schedule, or remove it. Tap anything underlined with blue to change the date, time, teams, and score. Or the calendar icon to move games. Or X icon to delete the game.

manually changing schedule games

Move games around holidays

You can easily move games around holidays, or reschedule games with an upgrade to Lite plan.

  1. Tap the calendar icon to the below the game number (right side).
  2. Choose to either A) Move games on this date ONLY or B) Move games on this date and ALL following dates -- which pushes back every game on and after the From date you select.
  3. Choose the date to move games To

move games around holidays

Add games or playoffs

On Round Robin schedules you can add games or add playoffs (Single or Double Elimination) from the bottom of the schedule.

add playoffs

Share your schedule

Tap Share, after you Publish your schedule, to get a shareable link. Anyone visiting this link can view your schedule. Only you, and any managers you can edit your schedule or update scores.

share your schedule

Download or print your schedule

Tap Print or Download in the Edit navbar (very top of page) to bring your schedule offline.

  • Print gives you a PDF for quick printing from your browser
  • Download gives you a CSV file you can open as a spreadsheet in Excel or Google Docs

add playoffs

Add scores

Tap Score on a game, below the teams' names to record a game's score. Tracking scores and standings online is a feature of the Lite plan. Before you upgrade you can enter scores for the first 3 games to see how it works: saving a score, standings update in real time, etc.

add playoffs

Note: After you start adding scores, you can't make big changes in Edit your schedule. To make changes again you'll need to remove any scores...

Removing scores

Tap the Score and, in the example above, delete the number 21. Then delete the number 15. Both scores should be empty/blank now. Then Save.

Note: this is different than setting the score to 0-0 -- a valid score in some sports! Be sure to use your delete key to delete each score, then Save.

Deleting a schedule

You can delete schedules quickly from either:

  1. Manage Schedules: view your schedules and delete them, or
  2. Edit your schedule > Advanced (from the schedule itself)

Add waivers or documents

Below the bottom of your schedule you'll find links to Add waivers and Add uploaded files.

Add waivers to help you collect signed waiver forms or documents online.

Add uploaded files to share any file you upload with everyone viewing your schedule.

What's next?