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Scheduler FAQ

Quick answers to common scheduling-related questions from Playpass Scheduler: round robin, elimination, group play, playoffs, and more.

What's the best way to get started?

How can I share my schedule with players?

  • First, tap Publish from the top navigation bar above your schedule. Then tap Share for a public link that anyone can use to view it.

How do I record scores or update the standings?

  • Scroll down to the schedule itself. Then below any game tap the word Score and enter scores that will automatically update the standings.

Can I invite others to track scores?

How can I delete a schedule?

Can I schedule players instead of teams, or vice versa?

Yes, all schedules on Playpass have the same setup and customization.

You can take any schedule that was made for teams and use it for players (or vice versa). Just rename each team/contestant as a Player and it will just work.

How do I rename teams or players?

Tap a name to rename it as Player 1, 2 etc or as that player's real name

  • League Robin Schedules - rename players from the Standings
  • Tournament Elimination Schedules - rename players from the schedule


How do I add or remove teams from a schedule?

  • Add teams: you will need to make a new schedule since everything in your schedule depended on the number of teams.
  • Remove teams: you can either make a new schedule, OR rename the missing team to "BYE" and leave their games or delete them from the schedule

What types of schedules can Scheduler handle?

Scheduler works great for...

  • Round Robin: teams play other teams in their group
  • Single or Double Elimination: teams are eliminated when they lose once or twice
  • Group play then playoffs: leagues and tournaments
    • Tip: add playoffs to any league robin schedule to have group play and then playoffs
  • Leagues with games every N-day(s)
  • 1-day tournaments
  • Fixed partner pairs: 2 players, or more, play every game together
    • Tip: rename them to "Kevin & Steph" to schedule that pair

Scheduler does not (yet) support

  • Rotating partners: teams are not fixed and players rotate every match to play with new teammates
  • Twice to beat: best of 3 format in the Philippines
  • Swiss tournament: non-eliminating tournament format
  • Are we missing what you need? Tell us at

How can I record scores per set or per game?

Right now you can record 1 overall score for each team or player's match. We're working on adding more options for scoring.

If your sport has multiple sets or games, like tennis, volleyball, or snooker, then the best way to track scores and standings is to record the final result of all sets or games won be each team/player.

For example, in tennis, this could be 2 - 1 instead of 6-2, 3-6, 6-4.

How are the standings ordered?

  • For most sports it is...
    • Games played > Points > Win percentage > Wins > Point difference > Points for > Points against
  • For basketball, baseball, and softball it is...
    • Games played > Win percentage > Wins > Points > Point difference > Points for > Points against

This only affects the standings. For any playoffs, you can manually select Seed 1, Seed 2, etc given your own rules for standings (including head to head record, etc).

Soon we'll add the ability to customize the order of the Standings.

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