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Create a schedule for a league round robin, elimination tournament, or combine them together. Customize it and share it with players. Easily update scores and track standings online.
Create a registration activity to accept online registrations and payments. Set up prices, discounts, questions, waivers and more. Share it online and easily manage payments for your league, tournament, or club.
Written by Brian Registering your players
Create a Referral Program to reward your members for inviting their friends. Help your biggest fans, your current players, become your marketing team. We track everything for you and automatically give out rewards.
Written by Brian Growing with referrals
Create a waiver template, then start collecting signed waivers and completed documents from your players online. Manage and download your signed waivers easily from our secure storage.
Written by Brian Collecting signed waivers
Create a free website for your sports organization. Customize the design and add a background image. Easily add pages, upload files and set a custom link.
Written by Brian Building your website
Set up Stripe to securely accept credit and debit card payments online. Automatically receive payouts to your bank account each day or whenever you decide. Available in 34 countries.
Written by Brian Registering your players
Invite staff members to help you manage everything on Playpass. Staff roles range from Scorekeeper, Scheduling Helper and Registration Helper to overall Manager and Owner.
Written by Brian Help & FAQs
Go from Draft to Published with 1 tap from any schedule, registration activity, referral program, waiver, page, or file upload.
Written by Brian Help & FAQs
Quick answers to common scheduling-related questions from Playpass Scheduler: round robin, elimination, group play, playoffs, and more.
Quick answers to Free Trial, Pricing, Billing, and Account questions. Upgrade or cancel your plan with 1 click. Delete your account or request your data easily.
Written by Brian Help & FAQs
Are you a sports manager? Save time and stress with our schedule maker, registration software, referral program, waiver solution, and website builder.