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Adding staff members

Invite staff members to help you manage everything on Playpass. Staff roles range from Scorekeeper, Scheduling Helper and Registration Helper to overall Manager and Owner.

How it works

From Manage Members > Staff you can invite anyone to help you manage everything on Playpass.

add staff

Staff member roles

When you invite staff to join you will assign them a role:

  • Scorekeeper - update schedule scores
  • Scheduling Helper - manage schedules
  • Registration Helper - manage registration, referrals, and waivers
  • Manager - manage everything, add more staff members
  • Owner - manage everything, billing, and settings

Below are details on what each role can and can't do.


Very limited access for updating schedule scores only.

  • Record scores on existing Schedules
  • Can't edit or create schedules

Scheduling Helper

Limited access to help with everything schedule related.

  • Fully edit Schedules and create new ones
  • View Members, but not download them
  • Create Pages and Uploads
  • Can't delete schedules, or anything else

Registration Helper

Limited access to help with everything registration related, including waivers and referrals.


Full access to manage everything within your organization.

  • Fully edit everything, and create or delete anything
  • Edit your Homepage
  • Add more staff members with any role, except "Owner"


For owners or directors of your organization. Same as Manager except only Owner can:

What's next?

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