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Playpass Scheduler FAQ

Quick answers to the most frequent questions about Playpass Scheduler

What's the best way to get started?

How can I delete a schedule?

Can I make a schedule for X?

Yes, Scheduler works great for...

  • Round Robin: teams play other teams in their group
  • Single or Double Elimination: teams are eliminated when they lose 1 or 2 games
  • Group play then playoffs leagues and tournaments
  • Leagues with games every X-day(s)
  • 1-day tournaments
    • Tip: set Daily games per court to 100 or higher to have every game scheduled in 1 day

No, Playpass Scheduler does not support:

  • Twice to beat: best of 3 format in the Philippines

What's the order for standings?

  • For most sports it is...
    • Games played > Points > Win percentage > Wins > Point difference > Points for > Points against
  • For basketball, baseball, and softball it is...
    • Games played > Win percentage > Wins > Points > Point difference > Points for > Points against

This only effects the standings. For any playoffs, you can manually select Seed 1, Seed 2, etc given your own rules for standings (including head to head record, etc). In the future, we'll add the ability to customize the order of the Standings (likely as a Standard plan feature).

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