Advice and answers from the Playpass Team

Getting started with Playpass Registration

Create an activity, set up registration options, and gather the info you need from your participants

What's an activity?

On Playpass, an activity is what you use to register participants online with Playpass Registration. Activities can be a camp, class, club, event, league, pickup game, tournament or training. Basically anything where you want to gather information and/or payments from your participants.

Creating an activity

First, create an activity by selecting a sport, the type of activity.

create activity

This guide is INCOMPLETE, but will be completed by Sep 12th. Stay tuned...

Adding registration options

Set paid or free options for registration.

Setting limits on a registration option

Limit the quantity or date of any registration option.

Adding questions to gather more information

Add questions to gather more information from your participants during registration

Advanced registration options

Create coupons for discounts

Register participants from your website

Redirect participants to your website

Sharing your activity

What's next?

Organizing sports? Try our free schedule maker, registration software, or website builder.